I’m not ready for him to grow up!

15 Sep

He’s been trying out the potty daily at daycare for the last few weeks, not really doing anything, he just likes to sit on it when the other kids do. We bought him one that fits on the regular toilet for home and he’s camped out on it a few times, declaring he needs to potty when he just really wants to sit on it but ok, whatever. Yesterday at daycare they put him and George (George is almost 3) on the potties and waited for George to go but he never did. ELI peed in the potty! He told me about it when I picked him up and when Andy got him Eli announced it to him “E-yie pee potty!” He was very proud of himself. He has sat on it a few times then with no results but that’s fine. I don’t really expect it to happen again for a while and I think yesterday was kind of a fluke but pretty cool for him nonetheless.

In addition to all this toilet business, he is also sleeping on a mat at daycare now instead of the pack n’ play. They said the first few times he just laid down and held still like he was scared he would roll off the mat until he fell asleep. He at first declined to sleep on the mat until he said, “Doat (goat). Doat.” As soon as they gave him Goats (his stuffed goat he sleeps with, from Aunt Emily and Uncle Jason), he froze in one position and went to sleep. He’s loosened up since then but still sleeps fine and doesn’t try to get up or wander off. I don’t know if I should take this as a sign he’s ready for a big boy bed or what. I know I’M not ready for a big boy bed. He’s just a baby! He shows no particular interest in climbing out of the crib, he still can’t work his doorknob, and he’s not asking for a toddler bed so I’m not sure when we’re supposed to move him. It seems early to me. Any advice?

I just don’t even know how to express how constant the talking is with this kid. It’s pretty much from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep. He’s dancing all the time lately. He’s singing out loud the last few weeks. The other day we were listening to the radio on the way to daycare and I heard him talking behind me so I turned it down to ask him what he was saying and he said, “Turn up, Mommy”. Turns out he was singing and dancing along to the music. He knows half the alphabet and can even usually say words that start with the letter he picked out (it’s the foam letters in the bathtub, he’ll say ‘D for Daddy!’ and come up with words on his own) UNLESS YOU PUT A CAMERA ON HIM and in that case, he usually acts like he hardly knows his own name. Frustrating stuff!

He’s connecting thoughts and concepts, today he picked up a leaf and walked to the drain in the carport and announced that “leaf in drain to the water” (weaf inna dain do da watuhs) which I don’t know, I don’t know a lot of almost two year olds but that seemed like some big thinking to me. Such a little smartie. I just ordered the book Nurture Shock and I am looking forward to seeing what the research says about raising kids. We try to reward Eli for the effort more than the result in order to encourage him working hard and that seems in line with what the book says. Interesting stuff!

Silly videos:

I’m just going to give up getting him to “perform” on video. As soon as he knows I’m taping him, he gets all resistant and silly. Goofball.


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