Curse you, second molars! Curse you!

19 Sep

What a short weekend. Our daycare isn’t as flexible as it used to be since it is now at capacity and so I had to switch my off day last week and I worked Friday instead of Monday. Now I am expected to go right back to work after two days off and it all seems very sudden. Wah, wah, wah, poor me.

In other news, a joyful peeing-on-the-potty week went straight into well, the potty–on Friday afternoon. Andy was home with Eli on Friday and he did fine most of the day but woke up from his nap in not the best spirits. I got home from work and noticed Eli felt warm. Andy said he thought he did too but he had no fever. Elliott seemed a little cranky but mostly fine. We gave him a dose of motrin because he seemed out of sorts and he was fine after that.

As an aside–I keep reading all these mom blogs and posts about “I really hate to give him medicine but…” or “I only give him Motrin at night and I feel bad but he seems to be hurting…” Why is that? I’m not giving Eli cups of Motrin to drink or anything but if the kid is in pain, why are you letting it drag on? If he’s running a mild fever but seems fine, I usually let him run it since his body is fighting off something. But if the kid is obviously miserable and hurting, why restrict relief to only at night for sleeping? Is there some sort of death side effect of motrin and tylenol I’m not aware of? I don’t get it at all.

Anyhoo, an out of sorts Friday night turned into a Saturday 5:30 AM wake up call. He cried for a minute and eventually slept off and on until 8 and of course, his head felt like fire when I got him out of bed. He had 101.6. I let him burn it for about 20 minutes until he denied a CEREAL BAR (if you’ve spent anytime with Eli, you know he is a cereal bar ADDICT and begs for them constantly but is only allowed one for breakfast) and after he turned that and some milk down I gave him some motrin. Once that kicked in he ate a few bites of cereal bar and a few sips of milk but mostly just zombied on the chair. He finally felt a little better and we went on a walk around the neighborhood.

Andy discovered the two second molars coming in on the bottom last night. I’ve given him teething tablets but they don’t seem to do much other than cause a battle to try to get them in his mouth to dissolve. Same with the orajel and I’d have to stick my finger back WAY TOO FAR and risk losing it. He also will not open his mouth for a q-tip to put it on there. So it’s mostly been motrin and tylenol for pain and strawberry ice cream when he will allow it (he’s really not eating much). I’ve been giving him sippys of ice water and cold milk. His teeth are tearing up his gums and he’s had bloody toothbrushes both days now. He insists on brushing his teeth so while they are coming in I’m letting him do his version of tooth brushing (which is mostly just sucking the sweet toddler toothpaste off the toothbrush) and not following up behind him to really brush his teeth.

All the drool is giving him a bit of a cough and I think he has a sore throat because each time he coughs–and it’s a little wee cough, really–he breaks down in tears and cries, “Owie! Owie! Mouth!” Then he runs and looks for me and insists I hold him. His naps have been terrible and he’s already woken up three times tonight and he’s only been down 2 hours so far. He slept for 30 mins in his crib for his nap then was so uncomfortable he kept crying. I went in there and got him and he slept another 1.5 hours on me in the chair. His fever broke during that nap so he was a little 32 lb hunk of fire and sweat but I was too afraid to disturb his rest so I just stayed in the same position and rubbed his back when he would wake up and moan.

OH MY GOSH THIS IS GOING TO KILL ME. I feel so helpless. My poor little guy.

I got a geocache app for my iPhone (I am my father’s daughter) and I already found one on my lunch break the other day. There’s one in the little local park a block from here and I’ve looked twice for it so far and can’t find it. It’s starting to drive me crazy. Granted, I’ve only gotten to look with Eli in tow so far so it really doesn’t allow for focus but still. It’s a fun app, I’ve been enjoying it.

Andy’s been on nights all weekend so I’ve been solo with the toddler molar trauma. It’s fine, though. Eli’s a little more high maintenance than usual but it’s easily remedied with (so far) two showings of Finding Nemo (aka “Movie Fish” as he calls it) and endless showings of (gag, ick, blech) “Caillou”, the most obnoxious cartoon EVER from Sprout on the on demand. I hold the fact that I endured Caillou for TWO HOURS today as proof of my parental love and sacrifice. Man, I hate Caillou. He drives me nuts. I did get to the gym both days though and did the elliptical yesterday and did day 2 of week 2 of Couch to 5K and only cheated a little bit by running 3 minutes straight at the end. That’s a pretty modest amount of cheating for what I felt like doing, which was running a good 10 or 15 minutes straight. Thankfully, I am a little bit out of shape from the 3 months off so stopping after the 3 minutes felt pretty good and not so frustrating.

Tomorrow I work in the afternoon (off for the morning so Andy can grab a few z’s then take care of E, another result of now inflexible daycare schedule) then the rest of the week but Friday I go to Las Vegas to see my peeps! So looking forward to it!


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