Catch Up

29 Sep

So the teething nightmare weekend extended into the following Monday and that was rather rough for all involved. My sinusey crap turned into a full blown cold which Will eventually caught as well. After a moody Tuesday at daycare, Eli’s teeth finally stopped bothering him and he returned to his usual self which THANK GOODNESS. I think everyone was starting to get a little worn down by Moody Screamy Baby.

I went to Las Vegas with Wendy and Carrie last weekend. We had a great time and I think we ate for three days straight. Surprisingly, there weren’t really many antics involved but I guess that’s just maturity, motherhood, and the desire to sleep as much as possible and not have to move. It sure stops a lot of trouble from occurring if you can’t stay up past midnight for long. Wendy was active as usual and I think she had to pry me out of bed from one of my many naps a few times. It was great to see my friends and also to see Las Vegas! That’s an interesting town.

The boys had a fun weekend together (dinners were pizza, burritos, and some other take out I can’t remember) and they took Eli to the pool at the gym and he got to swim for the first time. Will sent me a few videos and Eli really seemed to love it. We’re going to start taking him on weekends and Andy will teach him how to swim. There were also a lot of park outings and I think they all had a blast. I think for my part, it was a bit too soon to leave again after Kauai because Eli was not having me when I got back. He wouldn’t give me kisses or hugs that night (although he did beam at me when I got in the car at the airport and yelled, “It’s Mommy! It’s Mommy!”) and he wouldn’t let me put him to bed either. I think he finally forgave me last night and we’re back to normal now and he’s sitting on me and watching television like usually does. Whew. I was a little worried!

He’s a little motormouth. He just talks nonstop. He’s got words for everything, he’s making three or four word sentences “My turn light off” “Bubba sitting over there”, etc. and he can count to three. We were thinking he was just counting by rote (by just repeating numbers he can count to 5) but tonight at dinner he pointed to each of our dining chairs in turn and said “One, two, three chairs” where Will, Andy, and I were sitting. Neat stuff. He seems pretty advanced to me but I don’t know a lot of almost two year olds so who knows. He gets “me, my, Iand Eli” mixed up grammar wise but HEY we’ll cut him some slack. He’s also getting better at plurals in proper context.

I’m running more and more and back at physical therapy which seems to mostly be focusing on my hip strength (which is not good) and range of motion in my ankles. In the sprained ankle, it’s 75% and in the broken it’s 55%. She’s having me do all sorts of exercises that have nothing to do with my ankles but she said it’ll strengthen all the little muscles so I don’t hurt myself running. I ran/walked a 5K yesterday and probably ran about 2 miles of it (not all at once but I did run 1 mile straight). It all felt pretty good but then I got a few sharp jolts of knee pain on the broken ankle side last night so I’m thinking I won’t notice overdoing it in my ankle but in the joints on that side. That’s something to think about.

Will is doing relatively well. Aside from continuing to get over the nightmare cold he got from me (it’s still continuing for both of us), he’s got a ton of schoolwork. He wants to get into DCI this year and Andy has set the grade standard for that to happen and he’s already slipping. His grades are really nosediving and I’m pretty sure it’s the computer in his loft. It’s hard to know what to do. He’s got to teach himself to use his time wisely and Andy won’t be there in college to make sure he can handle himself so it seems kind of sink or swim right now. I know Andy feels positively sick that he might not be able to do DCI because he won’t buckle down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Will decides to get with it.

This weekend should be fun. Mike’s coming over Saturday to watch the LSU game and Sunday we’re all going to Remlinger Farms in Carnation. They’ve got a few kiddie rides, pumpkin patches, and all sorts of little entertaining things to do (a corn maze!) Should be a fun Sunday.

I’ve got a few videos I’m uploading from my phone. Will post those ASAP. Everyone have a good week!


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