8 Oct

Oh my goodness, what a day. Eli’s been in A Mood most of the day. This mostly consists of happy normal Eli, as long as you do what he says when he says it. BEWARE should you cross him or perhaps gently advise that that I don’t care what you think, that iPhone is not yours and you better put it down RIGHT NOW MISTER. I think he’s spent about an hour altogether in time out today. He’s just been determined to do whatever he wants, which is usually the opposite of what you tell him. Example: we’re eating popcorn and watching “Up” (“the balloon movie”) and he starts tilting his popcorn bowl. I said, “Be careful to hold it even, we don’t want to spill any.” He started grabbing it by the fistful and throwing it out everywhere. So he lost the popcorn and went in timeout. Then it was a good while of screaming about the injustice of being denied popcorn and especially when he thought that if he can’t have popcorn, I’d give him cheddar bunnies instead. Of course, I refused to give him any sort of snack because of what he had done. I had to send him to his room to finish out the scream fest. He’ll usually sit in there and wail for two or three minutes and I tell him he can come out if he’s done screaming. Sometimes he’ll scream another minute or two before he comes out but mostly he says, “Okay, mommy. All done.” then he comes out and he’s fine until the next incident.

It was just a lot of battles today. Battles about riding in the grocery cart, battles about giving the box of cheddar bunnies to the clerk so he could ring them up, battles about how long our walk would be and whether we were going to the big park or little park, battles about having to eat something other than pumpkin bread for dinner, etc. I am just beat!

They cleaned our stairwell yesterday and they use this deodorizer on the carpets and I’m horribly allergic to it. I was almost done with my two week cold but it set off a whole new round of painful ears, painful throat, sinuses going haywire and headache. I’m sudafeded, advil-ed, and neti potted. I still feel pretty ick. I’m sure that didn’t help dealing with Eli today. I felt like my temper was just below the surface most of the day and that was frustrating on its own because I knew my resources for tolerating him were limited and I felt bad for that.

We went to the gym this morning and I didn’t even make it out of the daycare. He’s had a real problem with the gym daycare the last week or two and gets very upset when we try to drop him off there. Andy dropped him on Monday and he cried for so long they came and got him and they had to leave. I couldn’t even put Eli down without him flipping out. I tried hanging out for a bit to get him comfortable (we usually do the dump and run routine but that hasn’t been working at all) and he would calm down and play with the trains as long as I stayed there. If I made any move to leave or if another staff member got close (I think he could sense the impending trade off) he flipped out. Oh well. The director of the daycare insisted we come back tomorrow and Monday because “he needs to get over this. You will come several times a week until he does.” She’s Russian and it all sounds very commanding with the accent but she’s right. He’s also had problems with the drop off at daycare for the last several weeks and I don’t know why it’s changed all of the sudden. He never used to care when we would drop him places and now he really gets upset. I’m sure it’ll work itself out.

In nicer news, he amazes me every day. He has figured out how to turn my iPhone on and get to the screens that have his games (there are a few books and a preschool adventure app he likes). He thinks toots are the most hilarious things ever (hey, I live in a house of all boys. It’s big humor around here.) He picked up the bundle of plastic bags by the door in the hallway last week and insisted, “Go put recycling, Mommy” and when we left he carried them out to put them in the recycling bin. What a Seattle baby. He has words for almost everything we encounter regularly and he’s working on a very funny jump with both feet. He is still counting everything (he climbed stairs on our walk today and counted from one to five for each step, which I thought was really impressive until he went down them and counted “one, two, eight, nine”) and he’s got almost the whole alphabet down. He can identify letters on sight but isn’t quite up to speed on singing the ABC song yet.

He has started really singing and also mimics sign language he’s seen on Sprout. They have this one poem they say every night and they also do ASL with it and I’ll be darned if the other night when she was saying it (without the ASL) he was about half the signs with it. Too much television or brilliant child? Hmmm.

That’s all I can think of for right now. This weekend we’re watching the LSU game tomorrow and hopefully Sunday will make it to the farm since we didn’t get to go last weekend because of Eli’s fever. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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