Video catch up

12 Oct

Admittedly, none of the videos are very exciting but when the really funny stuff happens, it’s hard to essentially kill it by bringing out my phone to record it. SOMEBODY gets the idea very quickly that the phone is HIS and any funny stuff ends pretty quickly in favor of arguing over who, indeed pays the bills.

So here are some pretty dull (although cute) videos and a good bit of arguing over ownership of my phone:
(can I just mention that my phone is HIS phone but Andy’s phone is “Daddy’s phone”? He’ll even see Andy’s phone and TAKE IT TO HIM but anytime mine is around it becomes a battle. No fair!)

Jason and Emily bought him a super cute Chop Balance bike for his birthday. He’s a little short for it yet (“He’s trunky” as Emily and Jason say) but he enjoys walking it around.

And the elephant costume that killed everyone with cuteness. I just realized tonight that we have inadvertently costumed him as Mama Mirabelle which is one of his favorite cartoons. I’m wondering if Andy would flip out if I made Eli a little Mama hat to go with the costume.


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