Girls say Will’s hair is very soft.

18 Oct

We’re eating dinner, I’m saying to Andy that I need to update this blog after we finish and out of nowhere Will says, “The girls at school say my hair is very soft.” We stop and look at him and he seems somewhat surprised that he has said this. I told him I would name this entry that and I think he thought I was joking. It’s stuck in my brain though so there you go.

Things have been really, really busy lately. I wish I could say what exactly we’ve been doing but it’s just day to day stuff. Every Saturday we’ve been dropping Eli at the gym daycare and going to a spinning class at 9:30 AM. I don’t know why they call it spinning and not cycling because I think spinning makes it sound deceptively easy. It’s a hard class! After that it’s lunchtime, then getting Eli ready for his nap, then Mike’s been coming over to watch the LSU game (or game of interest if we can’t get LSU). Sundays have been a lot of cleaning with some trips there for fun. Andy and Eli went to one of Will’s football games and had a blast. We’ve been taking Eli to the family swim time at the gym on Sundays and he loves swimming. Will’s studying for his SAT retake and working his behind off getting his grades up so he can do the band thing this year (he’s almost there, just a final push and then he just has to maintain).

I ran a 5K last weekend and lo, it was good. I didn’t run a race, just ran it on the treadmill. I’ve been running outside a little more but also I’ve been trying to do more cross training than I normally would to take it easy on my ankle. I’ve got spinning on Saturdays, there’s a sculpt class on Fridays, and if Andy’s work schedule allows I’ve done a boxing fitness class twice now and bought a 10 class pass tonight. It’s harder than boot camp and it’s all circuit training. Several boxers take it to stay in shape. We don’t box each other but there is a lot of punching and wearing focus mitts and taking punches. It’s really hard. I talked Mike into going with me tonight and once he no longer felt like he was going to throw up, he really liked it. He’s going to start going with me on nights I can go.

Eli counted to 10 yesterday when we were in the car. He can count objects up to 5 but can count to 10 by rote. He will point to each object and say, for example, “One, two, three chairs, Mommy.” We’ll often play counting when he’s getting a diaper change and yesterday when I was changing him in the car at the farm I said, “One” and I’ll be darned if the kid didn’t go up to ten with no help. His newest thing is, “you did it!” and he says it at the funniest times. If you brush your teeth, he’ll yell, “You did it, Mommy!” and he also likes recognition via “You did it!” which we are more than happy to give. His speech is getting more clear but there are also plenty of times when we all stare at each other and have no clue what he’s saying. I can’t even begin to count how many words he has and how much he’s capable of communicating. You can have actual extended conversations with him now, he can tell you what he did at daycare, he is recognizing humor more and more. His favorite movie is “Up” and I think we have watched “the bayoon movie” three times in the last week.

We went to Remlinger Farms on Sunday and it was little kid heaven. A petting zoo, a train, huge bouncy slides, hot dogs, tons of toy trucks to climb on, a little water ride, the whole thing toddler friendly. It was what was probably the last gorgeous Sunday we’re going to have for a while so the place was PACKED. The weather has been truly outstanding the last week or so. We got there about an hour before his naptime (bad planning) but he managed to hang on for three hours and had a really great time.

It’s 9:30 and the bed is calling me. Enjoy a goofy video from Saturday:

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