That’s my mommy! That’s my mommy!

19 Oct

This is what Eli does anytime I pick him up from somewhere, either the gym daycare or the Berry Patch. It’s about the most awesome thing ever. It’s also pretty funny because he doesn’t actually come TO ME, he usually just runs to everyone else he can find so he can point at me and shout joyfully, “That’s my mommy!” He will even run past me several times to make sure he tells everyone that I’m his mom before he’ll finally come to me for a hug and a kiss. Then he asks to be put down (“dowd, mommy”) and he grabs my hand and starts yelling bye bye to everyone–Bye bye Michaela (the gym), bye bye berry patch, bye bye tron (veronica) and nini (Nicolie), bye bye car, bye bye stairs, etc. Two years old is truly bipolar–they are the most terrible and the most wonderful you will ever experience.

He also insists on climbing into and out of his car seat now and whenever he climbs out, he wants a congratulatory high five and hug because “I did it!”. If I could freeze him at this age for the next 10 or so years, I think I just might. I’ll take the odd bad mood or rough day for this much awesome.

So of course I think for not quite two my child is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT LIKE A GENIUS. He always goes a little dense once I turn the camera on but I think he shows off his number/letter knowledge fairly well here, until he just gets downright bored with me:


One Response to “That’s my mommy! That’s my mommy!”

  1. Marcie November 17, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

    Adorable! This video will be part of his Ivy League college applications. So smart!

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