Happy 2nd birthday, Eli!!

29 Oct

Today you are two. You’ve been your usual wonderful self today and we’ve had a lot of fun. It goes without saying that when you did your usual “Watch bayoon movie, Mommy” .02 seconds after waking I let you. We watched Up and then went to the gym and you had a ball drawing and playing with the trains. Then we went to the store and you were thrilled when a fire truck pulled in the parking lot and all the firemen waved at you! We spent a while checking out the truck once it parked AND the cement truck that was parked right behind it.

A little later we’re going to the Halloween party at Berry Patch and then afterwards we’ll come home for some dinner, cake, and presents. Eli doesn’t really get what a birthday is and he doesn’t quite get that it’s HIS birthday–he keeps wishing everyone happy birthday. He’s down for his nap now after a bit of resistance. Lately he keeps coming up with suggestions of things to do other than sleeping–“my draw, mommy. watch fish movie, mommy. my play blocks, mommy.” and whines a little when I put him down but a few back rubs and he generally realizes he’s tired and conks out. I still need to make him his birthday cake–a plain little spiced applesauce cake–but I’m feeling a bit beat at this moment so I’m just sitting for a bit.

He’s brought us so much happiness. I can’t believe he’s already two! What’s it say on Carrie’s blog? “The days are long but the years are short”. Too true. Happy birthday sweet boy!


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