Two and some change.

10 Nov

Halloween training. We thought since it was Eli’s first Halloween that we’d do a few practice runs at home (by we I mean me) and so I got Will to act as a kindly store owner holding the object of Eli’s gustatory affection (Amy’s Cheddar Bunnies) and tried to get him to say “Trick or treat!” for them. Points for Will for attempting to play along. You can see how miserably I failed:

It’s worth noting that Eli really didn’t care for the actual trick-or-treating until we made him taste what people were handing out (in this instance, a Hershey bar) and once he discovered it was CHOCOLATE, kid was a pro. He still has to work on actually saying trick-or-treat instead of just walking up and holding out his hand but he’ll get it down. Not bad for a first timer.

Other than that, things have been fine. Schedules have been weird around here and there’s been some change ups in the attendance at daycare with the departure of some of Eli’s friends and introduction of several new ones since they’ve gotten licensed for additional kids. We’re wondering if the extra kids hasn’t introduced a sense of competition in Eli as for the last week (since the new kids have started) he’s been more hitty and defiant than usual. His weekly report I picked up today:

Weekly Themes and Concepts: Letter M/Opposites

Where’s that silly, smart Eli? I’ve seen glimpses this week but he’s really struggling with pushing, hitting, and contrary behavior. Thanks for talking to him about it. It seems that he is better on days that we go outside (he goes a bit stir crazy on rainy days). The hitting doesn’t necessarily seem to be for attention–Nic and I have caught him in the act a few times when we happened to walk by. Andy mentioned that he’s watching Eli more and the BP is a bit different with (new kid) and (new kid) here and (old kid, Eli’s BFF) gone. We’ll get back to you when we have a solid idea of what’s driving these behaviors and what’s working to resolve them. We appreciate your input and want you to know that we’re coming from a place of concern for big E, not anger or the like. Have a great weekend and we’ll try again Monday.

-So that’s about the worst weekly report we’ve ever gotten for him and even Eli will fess up to smacking kids. I’m not quite sure what the deal is. He’s more defiant at home for sure but I guess I chalked that up to general two-ness more than anything else. He seems to get a lot of time outs this last week. As is usual with Eli, it can generally be explained by something specific (hunger, fatigue) than his usual state of being–at least at home. I went and picked him up today and hung out for a bit and talked with his teachers about what we could do at home to reinforce what he’s learning there and I’m sure this will pass. If he’s like me, he has a hard time with change and all the changes at daycare are bound to affect him and I’m sure he misses his buddy who recently left. In any case, they have a real fondness for him there and really do seem more concerned than annoyed and I continue to revel at our good fortune at finding such a great daycare. This too shall pass. With consistency!

Other than that, things continue swimmingly. I am not very thrilled with my job lately but that’s a post for a blog I don’t have and I won’t make. I’m not particularly interested in complaining about work on here but suffice to say that it’s making me miserable lately and I am tentatively planning an escape or at least a change of some sort. Mike and I have been doing the boxing class weekly and I’m loving it. It’s super fun getting to do the class with Mike and it’s also nice to see how much I improve each week. I can hold plank for two minutes without wanting to die! That’s big improvement for me. I also can do cross overs while jumping rope and do high knees while jumping rope. BIG improvement even though I whip myself something awful if I attempt to do double unders (that’s whipping the rope around twice on one jump). I’ll get there eventually. I have the half marathon in a few weeks and my new goal is to run two miles, walk a mile for the whole thing. My ankle will certainly handle that and I feel like that’s enough of a challenge for me. I ran four miles last week and that’s the longest I’ve run since late May.

Off to watch some tv and turn off the brain now. Happy rest of the week!


One Response to “Two and some change.”

  1. Marcie November 17, 2010 at 12:42 pm #

    That was Awesome!!! He is so 2 years old. I LURV his elephant outfit! And what a good, patient Bubba.

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