22 Nov

The weather is super crazy tonight. They were predicting snow and we got snow, for sure. About 2-4 inches over the course of this morning and today. Nothing crazy. We were released early from work at 3 (schools got out at 12:45) and got home without a problem. The roads were fine. Andy and I got Eli up and we all went out and played for Eli’s first snow. He was two months old the last time it snowed and that doesn’t really count. Eli LOVED it. I do have some video of it which I will put up later.

Once things got dark (around 4) that’s when everything went south. The temperatures really dropped and the wind KICKED UP. We’ve been getting 40 MPH gusts and it’s blowing snow everywhere and it’s still snowing and it just looks absolutely horrendous outside. Andy went to the grocery store and texted that the wind was rocking the car while he was sitting in our parking lot. It’s now 8:32 and the wind is absolutely howling outside. They’ve closed several main arterials in Seattle (“a sheet of ice” they called the viaduct, the main highway along Elliott Bay downtown) and it took a friend of mine 3.75 hours to drive home from work and she has about the same commute as I do (usually only about 20 mins). The weather guys are saying things like “If you have to commute tomorrow, good luck! Just forget about it. Sleep in. It’s going to be a nightmare.” They’re forecasting lows in the teens tonight and our high tomorrow is 24. OUR HIGH IS 24. We just tried to go on the deck to see if we could see the traffic on 15th and our sliding glass door was frozen shut. Goodness.

Needless to say, I imagine they will close the schools. If they close the schools, Eli’s daycare will likely close since they tend to follow the school closings. If that happens, I’m on duty to stay home with him. If my agency doesn’t close, I’m going to feel terrible since I’m on call and I have an intake scheduled tomorrow (they’re hard to schedule). Everything will be totally frozen after tonight and it will stay frozen tomorrow so I’m hoping work closes. I’ll feel so guilty!

In other news, Will got the lead (Tony) in West Side Story for the next play! He sang us “Maria” from his audition piece the other night and I’ll be darned if I didn’t get misty. The kid is GOOD. Andy was practically in all out tears. I was both pleased he felt comfortable enough to sing in front of us but also just really, really impressed. He didn’t seem to have any of that teenage awkwardness when he sang. He FELT it. It made me really excited to see the play when they do it.

Eli’s in a bit of a Bubba revolt lately, I think mostly because Will is on his computer so much he never really sees him. Lately he’ll often tell Will to go away when Will is around and he won’t share anything with him without a fight. Will has gotten restrictions placed on his computer usage so he was downstairs a bit more tonight. Inevitably, he tries to tease and mess with Eli and Eli told him many times to “Go away, Bubba” or “Stop talking, Bubba”. I felt a little sorry for Will and told Eli to be sweet but I think Eli is just expressing a bit of hurt feelings over not getting much attention from him. He continues to insist every night on saying goodnight to him even though Will is always, always at his computer when we do it. Eli won’t go to bed without saying goodnight to him so the love is still there, just a little bit of the shine is gone for now. I told Will he needed to spend more time with him because it seemed like his feelings were hurt that he wasn’t Eli’s favorite person anymore. I hope he decides to do it. It was a bit sad to see him telling him to go away. Will did make the effort to go on the snow walk with us and he and Eli exchanged snowballs (which mostly consisted of Will standing there while Eli smeared snow on him) so that helped.

Eli is determined to put me to sleep lately. If I sit down or stop moving for long, inevitably he will tell me, “Go sleep, Mommy” and go and get his blankets and animals from his bed to tuck me in. He’ll give me a kiss and a hug, pat me on my head, then “sing” to me to get me to go to sleep. Here’s the song he sings: “Huuuuuummmm. Hooooooooo. Hmmmmmmm. Hummmmmmm. Eeeeeeeeee.” It’s pretty darn funny. We bought a TV for our bedroom (Andy and I decided that would be our Xmas present to each other early) and the other day Eli woke up and wanted to watch Finding Nemo in our room. We all piled into bed and started the movie and Andy and I promptly passed back out. I woke up about an hour later with something slimy on my face and Eli over me saying, “Soft hands, Mommy, soft hands”. He had discovered the bottle of lotion on my nightstand and pumped a good 6 or 7 tablespoons out and it was just gushing out between his fingers, all over his face, my face, smeared on my nightstand, etc. Lesson learned!!

Will has been glued to the weather forecasts or the window today. It completely reminds me of the excitement of potential snow days growing up. I love it. It’s so cool to see that excitement and remember what it felt like. The victory of school closure! It was a rare but sweet thing.

Ok, I’m going to go join Will by the window. We already have the weather channel on. 😉

Here’s the snow buildup on the balcony at 9 PM:


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