Stir crazy

27 Nov

Oh, it’s been a long week. I don’t know how stay at home moms do it, truly. The horrible storm Monday night turned into a free-for-all as far as schools were concerned. Schools closed Tuesday and Wednesday (so Eli’s daycare did as well) and since I have the most flexibility in my job, I stayed home. Andy doesn’t really have any sick time left and we’re guarding his vacation hours for the trip home over Christmas and I have a good bit of both. He had 12 hr day shifts T, W, Th and 12 hour night shifts Friday, tonight, and tomorrow. So it has been ERIN AND TODDLER ALL THE TIME WITHOUT END since oh, pretty much Monday evening. Granted, Andy gets home from work about 7 but seeing as how E goes down around 8 or 8:30, that’s not a huge amount of relief.

I have played. I have read countless books. I have built and rebuilt and built yet again railroad tracks after Elizilla refuses to take mercy on yet another of my railroad designs (it’s sort of pathetic how into the design of them I am getting after this week–NO! Not the bridge with the lovely downhill slope after into the tunnel! NOOOOOOO! Which makes it more fun for him to destroy it, I suspect). Inevitably after Elizilla turns back into Eli, I have about two hours before pleas of “Build train set, Mommy” begin. He’ll come up with a rather sad look because he can’t push his trains and beg for me to build it again. I can’t resist!

I’ve made choo choo sounds in the tub for him, we’ve played endless games of letters and numbers (he can recognize all the letters now!), we made pumpkin scones and a cake, we’ve played in the snow, gone on walks, ran a LOT of races against each other in the carport when it was raining, and have done an awful lot of cuddling. We’ve colored, made stick figure puppets with the materials in his art jar, we’ve wiped the house down after he stealthily coated everything in sight with crayon and glue stick when I wasn’t looking. There might have also been an absolutely embarrassing amount of Caillou involved.

All in all, it’s been a really great week. I am so lucky to have this much time to spend with my kid and to not have to worry about anything else. Really. I get this. So lucky. So, so lucky. Blissfully LUCKY.


Mike’s birthday was Wednesday so I cooked up some of his favorite foods for him–I made my mom’s smothered steak with mashed potatoes and corn for dinner and per his birthday request a yellow birthday cake with chocolate frosting. That’s why I love that boy. He appreciates yellow cake as much as I do. In a moment of confession, I admit that I bought the frosting. THE HORRORS. It was way good.

We had a great Thanksgiving–a day at home followed by dinner out at Ho Ho Seafood instead of the usual turkey dinner. Although I missed the afternoon gorging and subsequent doziness and family and togetherness of the holiday, that fried salt/pepper/garlic crab sure makes up for a lot. Eli did well staying up late (he was up until 10 that night but I had pushed back his nap time to accommodate for it) and we all had a great time and were totally stuffed.

Emily offered up a brunch date this morning and I carted Eli along. They have a huge backyard and so Eli spent a while running around that (I need a yard!). We went for brunch and Emily humored me on a brief Target trip and I totally threw her under the bus and volunteered her to chase around Eli. She’s a total champ about it all, though. I don’t think I reset her biological clock at all, even when Eli wandered into the toy section and there were a few brief moments of Two as we tried to lure him away from the toys.

Everybody else…..Will’s on schoolwork all weekend and college deadlines are approaching. I had to explain to him today what a FAFSA was and that he would need to apply for that as well. We worked on application organization charts for a short bit because all of that info can be hard to handle, I remember that all too well from my days of applying to graduate school. I wish I could say he seemed more into the idea of college but he seems kind of lost. I don’t know if that’s just general confusion about growing up and What That Means or if he doesn’t really get that, hey kid, your life is starting. Time to start taking some steps to adulthood. We’ll see how things turn out when he gets his SAT scores back. Deadline for UW app is December 15. Andy is working, working, working and as usual being his good natured self about all of it. He went and got all of our Christmas stuff out of storage today and helped us set up the tree. The hanging of ornaments got a bit ugly because a certain three foot tall person wanted nothing but to pull the hooks out of all the ornaments then throw them on the tree but it turned out fine. Once it was finally up and finished he was as content to leave it alone and point out “Big tree!” to everyone who would listen.

Time for some dinner and vegging out on television. Have a great Sunday! I’ll post videos tomorrow.


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