9 Dec

Y’all, it’s been a week. Work has been beyond terrible with the taxes that didn’t pass in the last elections. Our agency laid off 25 people and several were good friends. Hard times all around with those of us left having to absorb the workload of those who lost their jobs. It’s hard to complain when you still have a job, so I won’t. It’s just horrible.

However, coming home to a two year old who wants nothing but to play Monster!! and pretend eating various body parts (maybe I’ve been watching too much zombie stuff lately?) sure is the salve to make any pain go away. Eli is the antidote to anything that ails you and I realized all over again tonight how fortunate I am to have this boy and this family.

So instead of complaining, tonight I am thankful. I am thankful I have a job and wonderful friends at that job. I am thankful I have an amazing fiance who gave unlimited backrubs and cooked dinner and held things together this week while I certainly did not hold together and cried for a good bit of it. I am thankful for a wonderful teenager who listened to me complain about work without a single eye roll or acting bored and instead said things like, “I like the way you describe it” when I said “Work this week has set an entirely new bar for suck when I talk about bad work weeks”. I have people who care for me and listen to me and comfort me and I cannot be more grateful that I have that.

Thanks, everyone.

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