It’s the moooost wonderful time of the year…

14 Dec

We’ve been spending a good amount of time preparing Eli for the plane ride. Although I haven’t gone so far as to buy any toddler books about airplanes, we talk about what it will be like on the airplane, all the people, needing to (mostly) stay in our seats, etc. He declared tonight that he “no like airplanes” and would rather drive in the car. I think he’ll get into it once we get to the airport but I’m still crossing my fingers it all goes well. I’m downloading Caillou episodes to our phones, got him a pair of toddler sized headphones, and a few toys that will be unveiled once we’re in the air. I think I’ve got most of my bases covered at this point–gifts shipped to the parents, only a few things left to get, lists upon lists of things to pack.

We’re all looking forward to the trip. Although trips home inevitably leave me feeling like I didn’t spend enough time with anyone, it will be good to go to the land of HUGE YARDS where I can just kick Eli outside when he’s being stir crazy. He’s quite a ball of energy these days and I’m sure he will love it. I’m excited for him to see his relatives again since he hasn’t seen most in some time and it’ll give everyone a chance to get to know him. My friend Wendy is having a birthday party for her two year old while we’re there and all of us are bringing our broods to it–it’ll be so neat and weird for the three of us (Carrie, Wen, me) to have our kids all in one room. I’m looking forward to it.

Annnnd it’s the next day. Everything is chugging along in the household–we’ve had a bit of weird weather here lately with a Pineapple Express over the weekend and now it’s super cold and very windy. It’s caused a bit of a problem at City Light since we’re now going on hour 13 of Andy at work on what was supposed to be a “short” 8 hour workday. Will is working on his UW application (due tomorrow) and Eli just went down for the night.

Will has a new girlfriend named Julia. She is ADORABLE. And quite the smarty. She has come over several times now for study dates with Will and the last time she came over Will cooked her dinner. He chose a rather easy but still quite delicious meal to make and I got him the groceries for it. Andy took Eli to the mall for Santa pictures and I hung out in my room and watched tv while they cooked dinner. They were so stinking cute, all trying to figure out how to properly cut an onion and staring at the pot, waiting for the water to boil. I think I did a good job of being pretty hands off although she did tease him by saying he should have gone to get the Santa picture with Eli. You KNOW I whipped last year’s picture of both of them on Santa’s lap out!! I feel it was my duty to do that in his parents’ place, isn’t that what parents do? And she lauuuuughed but it was a sweet laugh and she told him that it was so cute that he did that in order to try to get his baby brother to smile. Will earned some major brownie points even if he was a bit embarrassed by it.

Eli had a bit of a trauma sleep last night–he kept waking up every hour crying for me or just moaning but each time I went in there (twice, I think but I’m really not sure because I was dead tired and out of it) he would quiet down as soon as I got to his crib and rubbed his back. He never got up and cried a few times when I tried to leave but finally would settle and go back to sleep until about an hour later when the moans would start again. It made for a very rough, whiny morning (both of us) and after I picked him up from daycare, a very whiny (him) night. He wouldn’t eat, he whined about everything, and finally I just gave him popcorn for dinner and let him watch television since it seemed to be the only workable distraction from his misery.

He can now sing his ABCs, mostly. It sounds like this “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…..H, I, J, K, emenoooopeeeeee, KOOO, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, now sing ABC next dime sing wid meeeeeeee” He’s dead on identifying letters and can name words that start with a good bit of the letters. He can count up to 15. He’s really terrible with colors. Andy wants to have his vision tested but I googled and it seems that colors come a bit later and he’s fine with that. I think Andy is worried he’s colorblind because he is consistent with his red/green mixups. Maybe we’ll ask Marcie about that at Christmas. He’s getting better at getting himself dressed with a little assistance and picks out his daily outfits. He thinks it’s hilarious to wear mismatching pj tops and bottoms. He loves to “cook” so we give him plastic mixing bowls and whisks and little things to “mix” in his bowls. He helps me make muffins and biscuits every weekend and is very good at locking the mixer and working the speed control on it while he sits on the counter next to it. He rarely stops talking unless the television is on and then he’s zombie toddler and won’t even look at you so we limit that. The hitting and contrary behavior has mostly vanished at daycare except for the occasional two year old behavior. He loves to “ride horsie” (much to the chagrin of my back) and loves “Ring around the Rosy” which I’ve discovered is a good way to tire him out on rainy days. His favorite days are Saturdays because “Mite (Mike) come over today and watch football!” He loves yelling, “GOOOO TIGERS!” and “TOUCHDOWN! FIRST DOWN!” and unfortunately has really taken to repeating whatever we yell, football or not. “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” was a recent favorite after I was watching something on tv.

We went to a friend’s baby shower a few weeks back and they had a large tv with a college game on in their basement. Eli dragged me downstairs, put two toddler sized stools right in front of the tv and insisted I sit on one. He then sat next to me, stared intently at the game, and with his hands in the air screamed, “GO TIGERS!” It cracked me up. Obviously, I am raising that boy right.

I’m thinking I should probably just go ahead and order the pizza at this point since I don’t know if Andy is going to make it home any time soon. We don’t have any new pictures since we still haven’t gotten the camera fixed. With everything going on, it seems like a non-emergent expense although it means we’ve missed several months of pictures and I can’t help but thinking in 10 years I’m going to think that expense was pretty justified after all.


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