At least there’s no snow this time!

20 Dec

We’ve got a 5 AM wake up call tomorrow morning to catch our flight. I think I’m about as prepared as I can be. Will is already packed with clothes ready to wear laid out and packed suitcase by the door. Andy and I are as well although Andy is working tonight and doesn’t get off until 4:30 AM. He’ll probably grab a quick shower once he gets home and then we’ll turn right around and head back out. We have a diaper bag filled with snacks, extra diapers, empty sippy cups, and more snacks. We have another bag filled with Eli’s books, Eli’s headphones (I got cute little toddler headphones), and a few other little cheapo toys that will only be revealed in case things get ugly. We’ve been breaking him in watching Caillou and whatnot on our iPhones with his headphones on so he’ll be used to it and I have to say I feel pretty confident. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Will is out tonight with Julia and Andy’s at work. I’m enjoying some peace and quiet before the insanity (although fun insanity, Eli is SO EXCITED about flying on an airplane) of tomorrow!


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