29 Dec

Eli “went to bed” 47 minutes ago and has been crying the entire time. We’ve been in twice and each time he pipes down immediately and curls up to go to sleep only to stand up in angry indignation when we then leave the room after a few back rubs. I knew we were setting a bad precedent in Shreveport by staying in the room with him until he fell asleep but WOW. I really didn’t think it’d be this bad! He’s so tired, too. That’s what makes it worse. He took a 2 hour nap when we got home and went down fine for that. So it’s not that he is exhausted but he has had quite a long day. He usually sleeps about 12 hours a night and slept 5 last night, another two on the plane, and a two hour nap once we were home. He definitely needs to conk out and get caught up.

The trip home went well. We got a good hotel room and had to get up at 4 AM for a 7 AM flight. All things considered (about 5 hours of sleep), everybody was in about the best mood as could be expected. Once Eli got some milk and muffin in the airport, he was fine (he refused the juice box and cereal bar I had packed for him to eat in the hotel room). Eli fell asleep in his seat as the plane took off and the rest of us did a little napping by sleeping on our tray tables. After he woke up, he had a few snacks, watched some Caillou and the rest was fine. Our luggage popped up first (yay!) and we went and had brunch at our neighborhood restaurant (Hi Life) before coming back to stagger around the apartment like zombies until it was time for Eli’s nap.

Oh my goodness. 56 minutes now. He’s really going crazy. *a few minutes later* I went back in there and he was standing up screaming his fool head off. I told him to knock it off and lie down and he did so wordlessly and assumed his sleeping position, butt in the air, knees tucked under, teddy/winnie/goats stuffed in various places around him. I patted his back for a minute then just stood there for another minute or two then walked out. Not a peep since. Poor little guy.

What a great trip! The nice part is that I don’t have to type it all out since everyone was there. It was great to see everyone and have everyone get to know Eli a bit better. We look forward to all the visits that were promised this year! Hopefully in the summer we’ll get a house and we’ll be better able to accomodate visitors instead of giving people the living room floor treatment. 🙂

The next few days are mostly errands and whatnot. Trips to storage, packing up the Christmas stuff, etc. I need to ship off the camera for repair (finally, nice job doing that AFTER Christmas) and I need to get Eli’s Christmas presents. We held off buying anything for him until we got back since he wouldn’t be able to take it with him so I’ll be taking him to get a little car garage toy he’s been wanting and either more duplo/lego blocks or add ons for his train set. Haven’t quite worked out with yet. Andy’s working until the end of time to cover shifts of coworkers who covered the last week for him so it’ll be a good opportunity to get some quiet time with Eli although I am working a few gym day care trips in there for him (he LOOOOOVES the gym day care, he asks to go there quite a lot). He goes to Berry Patch on Monday and I’m off that day so it’ll be a nice down day for me before I go back to work on Tuesday.

It’s 9:56 and I think I am about tapped out! It was so great to see everyone and thanks for having us!


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