Happy 2011!

2 Jan

And so the new year begins. We rang it in with a bang which included Andy working a night shift, Will sleeping over at a friend’s house, and Eli going to bed at 8. Not to be outdone, I managed to stay up until midnight (by watching Back to the Future because I am THAT COOL) and watched about 2 minutes of the fireworks on the Space Needle on the deck. I quickly decided (1) it was too cold to be on the deck and (2) I really get a better view of them from the televsion anyway so I went back to bed and went to sleep. WOOOHOOO 2011! PARTY ANIMAL!

It took three days to detox the sleep issue for Eli. Two days of crying it out for about an hour and then the third night he cried for about a minute and he’s back to normal since (i.e. no crying at all and happy to go to bed). His naps went back to normal almost instantly but the nighttime sleep took a bit longer. In the middle of the second night of scream-a-thon, I happened to stumble across this link which basically says I am causing brain damage by letting Eli cry himself to sleep. I’ve done a bit more googling since and I still feel okay with how I’ve managed his sleep. A lot of the issues seem to stem from trying the Ferber method on babies younger than 5 months and even Ferber doesn’t recommend using it babies younger than that. Also, you don’t just put the kid in bed and ditch them, you go in periodically to reassure them until they fall asleep. Maybe Eli’s little brain is just deformed beyond repair at this point but you know what? He’s a good sleeper and he likes to sleep. He’s happy and loving and well adjusted. Although you KNOW, he could count to fifteen a few weeks ago and suddenly the number 10 disappeared–now he counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11…..maybe this is just an early showing of all the brain damage?

I’m sorry for damaging your brain, little E. I can also say with some certainty it won’t be the last time. Let’s not talk about all the times I banged your head into various things when you had to be carried everywhere. Mommy loves you!

In any case, things are back to normal. Will returns to school tomorrow and Eli goes back to daycare. My work chose to take the NYE holiday tomorrow instead of Friday so woohoo! I am off tomorrow. Andy will take E to daycare so I can sleep in and then I have brunch with Emily and I’m going to try to work a pedicure in there somewhere. I’m still blocking out that the fact that I have to return to work and I will continue to do so until 7:45 Tuesday morning when I have to drive E to daycare and then go…there.

We’re back on the workout train here. I ran 4 miles with hills Friday, did a 45 minute ab class yesterday, then 3 miles on the treadmill with killer hills today. I. AM. SORE. Going to take tomorrow off and just be a blob. I’ve earned it. I’m glad to say my ankle is a total non issue. I’m really surprised I even broke it seven months ago since it seems totally fine–even the sprained one. No problems whatsoever. I am really quite lucky.

We put our camera in the shop the other day. They’re to call Tuesday with an estimate. Keep your fingers crossed nobody will have to sell a kidney to get it fixed since I would really like to get back up to speed with the pictures soon. Enjoy some little videos I took during the holidays:

I’m on a horse.


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