A week in to 2011

6 Jan

And I can’t think of a title to save my life. Oh well.

Eli’s weekly report (they’re kind of slacking on these the last few months):

“Eli has a new hobby of climbing under the table. He also says, “Look! I under the table!” Kinda opposite of another friend here that likes to climb on the table “Kenley get down! Oh no, Kenley’s on the table!” Eli takes real issue with this. He’s been having trouble seeing things in front of him–is that an issue at home? We wondered about potty training…does he have a potty he’s using at home? He seems like he could be ready any time.”

Eli has been a fan of under the table ever since a few months ago when I pulled out a bunch of unused sheets and we started building forts over our dining table and chairs. I say kudos to Eli if he’s getting on to other kids for climbing on the tables because that is NOT COOL in our house. And Kenley is a cute little girl but a wee thing with a head nowhere near as solid as Eli’s and if she were to tumble off their toddler table onto the floor, that’d cause quite a bump.

The vision thing is something they’ve mentioned before–apparently, they’ll ask him to put away X or get X and it’ll be a foot or so in front of him and he doesn’t seem to see it. He’ll actually look for it. Today they said that developmentally it doesn’t seem in sync with the other kids who will grab right onto whatever it is. They first mentioned it a few months ago but it hasn’t been anything we’ve noticed at home. After the first mention we did some Totally Not A Vision Doctor vision tests here and I think it’s really an issue of attention rather than vision. Sometimes he just gets kind of scattered (especially if there’s a lot of external stimuli at the same time) and doesn’t seem to notice what’s right in front of him. I notice that he sometimes hyperfocuses in a manner very similar to Andy–he’s zoned in on what HE’S paying attention to and it can be very difficult to snap him out of it and distract him to something else. On the other hand, sometimes it also seems to be difficult to get him to focus on ANYTHING but I think that’s more a matter of Two than anything else. In any case, he has a 2 year check up in February (woefully late but our office is difficult to schedule) and we’ll ask about it then.

Oh, potty training. We’ve had a little seat that sits on the regular toilet for him for some time but we have really slacked on that. So I guess tomorrow we’ll follow the potty schedule the daycare uses and really stick to it if they think he’s ready. Lately he’ll announce that he’s pooped (he’s about 50% on that, I think he confuses toots with poops a lot) but that’s about it. Wet/dirty diapers don’t seem to bother him in the least. So we will just start planting him on the potty on a regular schedule and see what happens. I suppose we should at least start acclimating him to the idea that he needs to use that instead of going to college in diapers.

Tomorrow is Mommy and Eli day and we are hitting the gym in the morning. I’ve been amping up the running a bit and I’ve been reading a book that outlines a basic cross training plan. So here’s what I’m doing tomorrow:

2 mile slow warm up
12 burpees
6 assisted chin ups
12 pushups (yeah, right)
24 squats with medicine ball
Run 400 m
10 squats with shoulder press
8 push ups with a balance ball
12 tricep dips
30 back extensions
30 lunges with bicep curls

You’re supposed to repeat the sequence but LET’S BE SERIOUS. I’ll be lucky if I can get through it once without dying so I’ll just get as far as I can. I might cut that warm up run to 1 mile depending on how I feel since my running still isn’t totally back up to speed yet.

So we have that in the morning, then a grocery store run, then naps (yes!). Then tomorrow afternoon Mike is coming over for the Cotton Bowl and we are all really looking forward to that (and rotel dip, which Mike has requested). Should be a great day.


2 Responses to “A week in to 2011”

  1. Sue January 8, 2011 at 4:53 am #

    A Burpee?? I read the description — I have to see that to believe it! Very ambitious program you are attempting.

    A kid who loves to build with blocks does not sound like a kid who can’t see what’s in front of him. Good to check it out anyway.

  2. Lolli January 9, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    After reading your workout routine, I’m tired. I think I’ll take a nap

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