Two minutes!

18 Jan

Eli put his laundry basket in time out the other day. We’re not sure what offense the basket committed but he was quite vocal about it. I heard him say rather sternly, “TWO MINUTES!” and witnessed him putting it down in the hallway while pointing at it. It’s sort of odd to witness your own discipline second hand, I don’t think I realized I pointed that much when I gave him time outs but where else would he get it from? I asked him if his basket had misbehaved and he remarked rather casually that it had but wouldn’t tell me what it did to deserve a time out. We bought him a new toy tonight, a garbage truck that he loves dearly and when I told him it was time to come eat I heard him in his room yell, “Time out!” and then he came to eat. I asked if his truck was in time out and he said yes but again had no explanation of what the offense was.

He’s just a constant chatterbox these days. He continues to amaze me and in social situations, really make me look like I know what I’m doing. We went to a friend’s work party on Friday evening and he did wonderfully, all toddlerese talking to strangers (after the obligatory “I can’t see you” hiding of eyes for the first 10 minutes) and generally being cute. There were two other babies there and he seemed mildly interested in them. I think he’s really into the kids that can be mobile with him like his cousin Erin. He was up waaaaay past his bedtime Friday night and stayed in a great mood through the whole party.

Saturday Eli, Andy, and I hit the Gilman Playground and then had brunch out afterwards. I ran a short run (2 miles) since I hadn’t run in a week and met them at the playground to end my run. We tried looking for a geocache located in the block of the playground but two year olds are really terrible geocaching companions since they won’t stay in one spot very long and really aren’t that interested in the whole geocaching concept. I am really excited for when he is a bit older and can get into the idea of it. Last night Andy and I went out to eat (Oliver’s Twist, OMG I don’t even like tomato soup but this place had tomato soup that was A-MAZING) and then we saw True Grit. Really an excellent date night.

Will’s on the books this weekend after a very busy last weekend. His high school band played the basketball game Friday night and then Saturday night was the Winter Ball at his school. He and his girlfriend Julia went and they are quite the nice looking pair! We have one print picture from the dance but also two pictures her mom took that Will emailed me, anybody who wants me to forward them should just email me in case Andy didn’t already send them along.

Tomorrow is a run after work and spaghetti with spaghetti squash for dinner. Andy’s declared that he needs to lose 15 lbs, STAT, so I guess we’re all going to be trying to cut out some of the pizza-eating out-carby decadence we’ve been indulging in lately. Hopefully the weather will hold out and I can get a 3.5 mile run in outside before it gets too dark. I really need to buy some reflective tape for my running clothes on the occasions I’m trying to squeeze a run in around 4:45 because it’s usually quite dark by the time I’m done around 5:30. I have no races planned yet other than the full marathon at the end of November but have been thinking of signing up for a half around June or so. My running buddy’s due date is tomorrow so hopefully she’ll have that kid soon and will be running with me by late April or May again. It’s really boring to run anything longer than a 5K by yourself. I guess I should find some earbuds that stay in and start getting used to listening to music or podcasts to help curb the boredom.


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