Valentine’s Day

2 Feb

Eli has these little Amy’s crackers and some of them are in shapes of hearts. He asked the other day for crackers for a snack and I handed him one. He held it up to me and said, “Mommy, it’s a Valentine!”

We are mid-week of a busy work week for Andy (3 12 hour days switching immediately over to 3 12 hour nights starting Friday) and just the usual week for me. It’s a bit single parenty since Andy doesn’t really get home from work until right before Eli goes down and then for the weekend he will sleep most the day then is gone at night but it’s nice to get a lot of downtime with my boy. The roughest part of it is Eli’s readjustment to Andy once he is around more since Eli gets VERY VERY mommy-centric when I’m the main person around. He pretty much won’t let Andy near him for days and insists that I do everything for him (within the usual realm of things I would do anyway, he just won’t let Andy participate).

Of course we insist that Andy do x, y, and z when he is available but I just hate to see Andy’s face as he tries to give Eli a hug when he gets home from work and Eli tells him to go away. He’ll cry if Andy tries to hug or kiss him and run to me. I never quite know how to handle it. I tell him to be sweet to his daddy and that he’s been busy at work and missed him but it never seems to be very effective. The only thing that seems to be effective is leaving them alone for periods of time (I will seal myself in the room or Andy will take him out for several hours) for a few days in a row and only when I’m inaccessible will Eli even out the parental love and go back to letting Andy brush his teeth and put him down, etc. If I’m around at all, it won’t work because Eli will just stick to me even if I refuse to play along.

There’s no real news to report. I keep trying to make mental notes of the oh-so-cute things Eli says from day to day but then when I sit down to type them out, I forget. Tonight I picked him up from daycare and he wanted to drive around. He kept saying “Mommy, go dis way” or “Go dat way” and so I played along and we just drove around letting him guide us for about 30 minutes before we came home. I think he got a kick out of that. He was rather understanding about traffic rules “No, I can’t go that way now because it’s a one way but as soon as I can we’ll go back uphill” “Otay, Mommy” After a bit he said he wanted to go home and play puzzles (I found an app for my iPhone with toddler puzzles and HE IS ADDICTED). He played that for a good hour tonight, watched his Caillou and went to bed.

His meltdowns have decreased. I seriously doubt that has anything to do with my new way of handling things so much as the usual ebb and flow of things so we’ll see. He’s been pretty mellow lately. Today at daycare Veronica handed him a cup of milk and he said, “Thank you for making the milk, Veronica.” (Dank you fuh matin da mut, Vron) which they all thought was pretty funny. We’re offering the potty training here but he’s not having it. I offer up potty and book time a few times a day and he always declines. I don’t ever push him on it. He tries it more at daycare. Veronica said this was the one area she didn’t mind the occasional M&M bribe to get him to sit on it but she wondered if it wasn’t more that he was following the usual boy time line. Since he went on the potty a few times a while back, they kept thinking he was ready for it. I really thought it was just a fluke he went twice since both times they had to tell him he did it. We’re definitely moving in the potty direction but I don’t think it’s going to be any time soon.

This weekend we’re making homemade Valentine’s cards for his daycare buddies (they have a little Valentine’s cupcake party next Friday), hitting the gym, and parks as much as weather will allow. Seattle is in its usual stint of nice weather during the week and rain on the weekends so I’m sure there will be a good bit of just long walks in the rain for exercise. Eli’s very into running lately and anytime he sees me in my running clothes he states, “Mommy going to run!” and he wants to run with me. A few times I’ve gone on little runs with him and been quite surprised at his stamina because he can actually run for a few blocks before he stops. We race a lot on our usual walks. It makes me smile and also makes me feel like I’m doing something right in that he feels like being active is something that is fun and not a chore. I really want him to grow up how I did in that we were always very active children with a lot of physical activity and outlets. He sees women running a lot and will say, “Dey running like Mommy!” and it makes me feel very proud. It might not be the same era when you could kick the kid outside and tell them not to come home until dusk (granted, I wouldn’t do that at TWO anyway) but I’m hoping that I’m instilling in him the desire to be active and healthy already.


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