10 Feb

I went to see my friend Christine’s new baby tonight. Little Oscar is about two weeks old and he is a sweet little thing. Sweet but as his dad so succinctly put it, “They are not very entertaining at this age.” He did what most two weeks old do and pretty much slept the entire time as I held him and oohed and aahed over him. It did bring on the baby lust a little but I was still pretty happy to come home to my two year old who gave me a summary of Toy Story “Woody and Buzz went way up high in de aih and den dey come down and dere a mean doggie and dey peoples, not toys”. Don’t think I’m ready for another one that small quite yet. I think I’d be set if babies arrived at around 6 months old when you can already interact with them and they’ve got personalities. But boy, that was one cute little guy. SO TINY. Eli looked like a giant monster baby to me when I got home!

So somehow Eli has gotten VERY INTO Toy Story. We’ve watched it each night for the last three nights. It was on during the Super Bowl and he was very upset about the commercials so Andy and I picked up a copy at the store the other day and he is just happy about it. Toy Story has even trumped Caillou and wow I am happy about getting a break from that show. I suspect it won’t be long until I get pretty sick of Toy Story as well but it’s nice to have a change of pace.

Andy’s been working a lot, he was on his six pack last week and off this week. We sucked it up and bought a carpet cleaner since we’ve pretty much already shelled out that much renting the Rug Doctor over the last year anyway. Tomorrow he is keeping Eli home from daycare for some bonding time and they’re going to clean the carpets and Eli has his two year old checkup tomorrow so stats will be forthcoming. I hate that his doctor isn’t in on Fridays because that basically means I can’t ever go to the checkups but what are you going to do? Andy works 12 hour days Friday-Monday so we’ll be swapping work schedules. It makes the weekends rather lonely but it’s better than when he works nights and sleeps all day–I feel like we never see him then. Eli’s made a great readjustment to Andy after he worked nights this weekend and has actually asked Andy to put him to bed instead of me for the last several nights. It’s such a relief, both because I get a little break and Andy gets some love in. Toy Story has facilitated this since Eli’s been cuddled up with Andy while they watch it the last few nights and I think that’s helped Eli reacclimate to having him around.

And…it’s the next day. Here are the stats:

Height/Length: 37″ in (Andy noted that he no longer fits on the table measure so they had to stand him against the wall and Eli was scrunching a bit underneath the measure so we’ll call it 38″) 90%

Weight: 36 5.5 lbs >95%

Head circumference: 52 1/4 cm >95%

So he continues to be a big one. We’ve gotten the order to switch to skim or 1% milk, continue on with the daily vitamin and work on potty training “at his own speed” which according to Eli means no speed at all. Eli also got a flu shot and Andy reported that he was a champ for it. Apparently he was too busy schmoozing the nurse to notice what she was preparing to do to him and when she gave him the shot he gave a very indignant look with an “OWIE!” and then that was that. No tears and he didn’t seem to hold it against her. He is very proud of his band-aid from the shot and wouldn’t let me take it off tonight. He had a great time at the doctor’s office. They have a fish tank in the lobby with all the fish from Finding Nemo in it and Eli told me when I got home from work that he saw Maw-win and Do-wy (Marlin and Dory) at the doctor. Andy took him to the store for groceries tonight and when I told him to have fun at the store he said, “No, go to doctor!” so he can’t be too scarred over the whole episode. I love how much he can communicate these days. Anytime Andy takes him out of the house he’ll run up to me and say “Hug and kiss, Mommy” and then after we hug and kiss he’ll tell me, “Have a dood time!” and I tell him to have a good time too and he says, “I will!” Such a sweetheart.

Since I’ll be solo with him all weekend, Andy was trying to pack in the one on one time tonight and give me some baby free time. To accomplish this, we usually just tell him I’m taking a nap in my room and Eli is surprisingly respectful of others “naptimes” and will stay away from the door. However, instead of being a good helper bee with cleaning the carpet, Eli started jiggling the door handle about 15 minutes after I went for my “nap” and well, we have a kid who can finally work our doorknobs now. We have the standard doorknobs, not the kind that have a handle, so it’s taken him a bit longer. Alas, he let himself in FOUR TIMES during my “nap” tonight and declared that I was done with my nap “TIME TO GET UP MOMMY!!” but all he wanted me to do was go sit on the couch and watch him help Andy clean the carpets. Andy says he is trying to climb out of his crib but I still haven’t seen him attempting it so we’re sticking with the crib for now but I can’t imagine the toddler bed is too far off in the future. Combine easy to get out of bed with a kid who can now work doorknobs and I see a few nights of poor sleep in my future–let’s just put that off as long as possible, ok?

Tomorrow we have the Valentine’s Day party at Berry Patch in the early evening and then I have no idea what’s in store for the weekend. Likely the usual, which is largely just a lot of park time (weather permitting) and other than that, a bunch of books and walks and baking and playing. Andy is working days all weekend (sigh) so I’m flying solo. This is his last weekend for several weeks so to say I’m looking forward to having him home on the weekends is a bit of an understatement.


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