19 Feb

Things continue along well here. Eli is the eternal chatterbox and will happily fill you in on whatever he has done during the day as long as you don’t expect to understand about 70% of what he is saying. If Andy or I happen to be around for whatever it is, we can usually translate but often when he’s telling us about his day at daycare we’re just totally flummoxed (“AN DEN DE BIR WEN UP DEH AIH AND GOODNESS! DE SIRT GO ROUND AN EE DONE”) so we just go with it.

I thought his daycare was closed next week–they always say they follow the school closures and they do so for thanksgiving, christmas, etc. as well as spring break. Somewhere I got it in my head that they did all of them and so since the schools close for mid-winter break next week, Andy and I made arrangements. I’m off Monday and Tuesday and he’s off Wednesday and Thursday. I got an email from them tonight reminding us of the day off for the President’s Day holiday but nothing else–so I emailed and asked and it’s only the one day. What say you? I already rescheduled all of my clients on Tuesday–take him to daycare and go to work or say, hey! free day! and take him to daycare and enjoy a relaxing day to myself? I bet you can imagine which way I’m leaning.

I had originally put in a lot right here about Andy’s birthday, he’s turning the big four-oh in a few weeks and I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. He NEVER EVER reads this blog so I figured it would be fine. However, it’s now a day or two since I started the entry (ah, toddlers can render one incapable of finishing anything) and I’ve gotten a bit paranoid so I edited it out.

The weather today (Saturday) is cold but goooorgeous, all super sunny. The Olympics and Cascades are really just breathtaking right now because they’re all crystal clear in the sun and snow capped. I’ll try to get some decent pictures with the good camera today. After 10 years of living in Seattle, it still surprises me that on a walk around my neighborhood I can see the Sound and the mountains. It’s just really beautiful on days like this. Well, it always is but moreso on clear sunny days. Maybe I’ll take Eli to Carkeek Park (park a few miles away that is on the water but has no actual beach access, thereby saving me from the NO YOU CAN’T GET IN THE WATER IT’S FREEZING argument I would no doubt have otherwise).


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