Of birthdays and illness

2 Mar

Andy’s birthday surprise went off without a hitch! I am the worst surpriser in the world because I usually get way too excited about the surprise and end up spilling the beans early. Although it was tough, I managed to keep a lid on this one. Andy’s actual birthday was fairly low key–Will left for a band trip that morning and Andy took Eli to daycare so he could have the day to himself. He spent the day organizing the house and practicing on his bass. I got him a card and spun a wild tale about his birthday present being on backorder–“I THINK it will get here Saturday!” and he was fine with that. He really is the nicest guy. That night, I told him we had dinner plans out Saturday for his birthday since we had no sitter and also because I was really feeling like a putz for not doing anything, surprise or no. Again, he was totally fine with it–“That’s okay, sweetie, I have you, what else do I need?” GAH. Talk about the guilt I was going through. It was worse when he was on the phone with his mom explaining that no, all we were doing for his birthday was renting a movie and ordering pizza–I just knew she must think I was terrible for not doing anything!

Friday proceeded on as normal and then Saturday at noon the doorbell rang. I told Andy it must be the UPS guy with his present and he was excited! You should have seen his face when June and Kristen walked in. He had no clue! I told him to change into the warmest clothes he had and pack his overnight bag. I had been prepping Eli for it all week and he was totally fine with us leaving. I loaded Andy and our bags in the car and we drove down to the marina for his sailing lesson! I chartered a 27 ft sailboat for a three hour private lesson for him. Granted, it’s February and COLD and ok, it might have snowed on us a little bit but we had a great time and Andy just loooooved it. He ALWAYS talks about wanting to learn to sail but can’t because his work schedule interferes with classes so this was just a great opportunity. After the sail, we went and checked into our hotel in downtown with its lovely view of Elliott Bay. Once we were warmed and cleaned up, we went out for a wonderful dinner at Matt’s in the Market downtown. The food was amazing, the hotel was wonderful and it was just a really lovely birthday celebration of the big four-oh and a little staycation. Andy remarked on the way home the next day that he felt like he was coming home from a vacation and that’s exactly what I hoped for. So that all went well and NO I did not celebrate his 40th birthday with pizza delivery and a movie rental.

Eli’s been snotty for the last few weeks–nothing big, just a constant runny nose. Over the weekend he got a little hacky but again, nothing too bad. The last two days his cough has gotten downright nasty and he’s hoarse. There is nothing sadder sounding than a two year old with a frog in his throat. The cough woke him up several times last night which required some soothing to go back to sleep.

Despite the cough, he seemed to feel fine. He was a little tired this morning but had no fever and wanted to go to Berry Patch. Although I worried about infecting everyone there, Andy has been taking him there this week and said everyone there sounded just like him, so I figured why not. Nicolie told Andy today at pick up that he seemed a little out of it and didn’t nap well. His cough definitely seems worse and he felt hot but didn’t register much of a fever. He wouldn’t eat anything for dinner except for about 5 bunnies. He drank a big sippy of watered down OJ and just a wee bit of chocolate milk right before bedtime and went down early. The cough just woke him up again and I had to go settle him down. I rubbed him down with Baby Rub and put menthol in his humidifier for the night.

I’m thinking if the wakings continue I might just have him sleep with me since it’ll be easier than having to go in there every hour like last night. Andy’s on nights this week so there’s plenty of room in my bed. I guess if he’s running a fever or feeling worse in the morning it looks like I’ll be on duty since Andy has to work tomorrow night and will need to sleep in the morning. I hate missing work but if he sounds like this in the morning, there’s just no way I can take him in without feeling terrible.

They made play cookies today at daycare. I asked Eli if his was yummy (I thought they had made real ones) and he said, “No, the cookies not for eating, dey for rolling” I asked what shape he made and he held his hands up in a triangle and said, “Diangle”. Wow! He could also make circle and square (ish) hand shapes. He’s been good with cross, star, square before but this was the first time he pointed out triangles. He was great for June and Kristen when they stayed over, went down for naps and bedtime without a peep and just really made me look I like I know what I’m doing with this whole parenting thing (again, I’m not fooled, he’s an easy child).

I haven’t been running lately but I plan to go on Friday once Andy has woken up. For the past three weeks I’ve been doing these P90X videos we ordered online–there are some infomercials about them. It’s about a hour long workout a day–I manage to get about 4 or 5 in a week (there are six days in a row then a day of rest) so far so I haven’t been sticking to it as close as I’m supposed to but it’s hard to fit in an hour of working out with work, kids, etc. I’ve been consistently sore pretty much the last three weeks but I can tell I’m getting stronger. We’re also doing the diet that goes with it (well, I’ve been sticking to it pretty well this week but it’s hard for Andy with his work schedule) and I’ve lost about 4 lbs at this point so that’s good. I’ve got about 10 lbs I’d like to drop and I’d like to see some muscles for all this working out I do! Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all body builder on people, I just really would like to get stronger and be able to run faster without hurting myself. It’s great cross training and easier to do at home than trying to fit in the gym.

Ok, 8:30 now. I should go to bed early since I anticipate either (1) an interrupted night of sleep by sick baby and then a baby who is okay enough to go to daycare meaning I have to go to work or (2) an interrupted night of sleep by sick baby who is even sicker in the morning meaning I have to stay home and tend to him. Either way, I should get my rest in!


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