Parenting FAIL

6 Mar

I’ve known for a little while it was probably about time to get Eli new shoes. He’s been in his current pair for a while (at least the summer since I remembered ordering sandals for him at the same time) and he’s been wanting running shoes like mine. I had to check my order history with Amazon to see what size his shoes were and I figured for good measure I’d go a size up or so. Andy commented that his right big toe had a little callus on it so that started the shoe hunt in earnest. I was debating whether to order him 8 or 8 1/2s (his last size was a 7). Last night we went to the kid shoe store in the mall and had them measure his foot. Kid wears an 8 1/2, so we got 9s. I am so glad he got measured. I also feel HORRIBLE because he’s been wearing shoes A SIZE AND A HALF too small for god knows how long and that’s just his regular shoes. LET’S NOT DISCUSS HIS RAIN BOOTS. I think he’s had those since he was what, 15 or 16 months? However, he has never complained about shoes being too small so let’s just blame the toddler. I mean really, how are we supposed to know if he doesn’t speak up?

How embarrassing.

Needless to say, he got himself a pretty sweet new pair of size 9running shoes like Mommy’s! We almost bought him some rain boots as well but decided to hit Fred’s for those so we can get them on the cheap. He was very excited about having running shoes and we hit the trails at Discovery today. I got a very short trail run in and he ran with me for a little bit of it. It’s the first time I’ve run in a month since I’ve been doing the P90X. I settled into a comfortable jog and I was surprised to see I was running about a 10 minute pace with no problem. So nice! The P90x is some great cross training, even if I am really dreading my next two workouts (core synergistics and Cardio X, ugh, so hard!). I’m going to sign up for a 5m trail run in April so hopefully I’ll keep getting chances to run trails and get my stamina back up.

He was sick for the last several days. We had a very down weekend as his respiratory blech kept him home from daycare on Thursday (and me home from work). He seemed to feel mostly okay but his chest and head were completely congested so I made him stay in all day. Friday we stayed in but I let him go to the store with Andy that evening so he could get out. By Saturday, he felt well enough that all the stir crazy started to hit at once and he was super hyper in addition to still having a pretty gross cough. Today the cough is still there but mightily improved although he’s settled into quite a mood of general hyperactivity and mild defiance. Hopefully he’ll be back to normal tomorrow once he’s been to daycare.


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