11 Mar

Weekly report from daycare:

“Letter S/Colors

Eli seemed on the mend this week, and although stubborn at times, he listened without the pains of repeating ourselves over and over (last week was tough). He’s certain of a few colors (red and ‘oranges’). He really dug the ‘science’ aspects of the theme–organizing and ‘classifying’ stickers by color (we also went through at the end and fixed errors), melting primary color ice cubes into secondary colors (very simple scientific method of making a hypothesis, testing, and sharing results), and pouring color water into secondary colors. All this and he was ‘duh, winning!'”

The “duh winning” comment is largely for my amusement, I suspect. After all the Charlie Sheen hullabalo this week I got Eli to say “I got tiger blood!” and when asked what he was doing, he would reply, “Duh, winning!” I hoped he would do it at daycare but I don’t think he did. I mentioned it to them the other day and I think that’s where the note comment came from.

He’s almost done with the cough, thank goodness. It was really a terrible cough and although the Vaporub on the feet tricked worked aces one night and then okay-ish (but still better than nothing) the rest of the time, I’m glad he feels better. It seems like when he’s been sick that all that stored up energy gets released in a few days of totally craptacular behavior once he’s feeling better. It’s as if all of his obstinence got stored up while he was ill and it unleashes all at once. Needless to say, he’s mostly been fine this week but the first few days after he was on the mend were annoying as all get out. I luckily managed to dodge this illness although apparently he opted to infect June the weekend she watched him (you’d think she’d be grateful for building up resistance but NOOOOO).

And now it’s Friday morning. How horrible for Japan. I’m a wee bit nervous about what all this shaking might mean for us since we’re sitting on numerous faults but I’ve decided not to think about it today. Perhaps this is the time to really work on what we like to the call the “OSK” (the “Oh Sh&% Kit”) which is our 3 day supply of necessities if something were to happen. I’ve been throwing things into it here and there but it really needs a good stocking. So far it’s got a flashlight, cards, UNO, batteries, candles, matches, some canned foods, my SteriPen, and enough ramen to last a few weeks. I think I’ll make that this weekend’s project.

Andy’s on nights all weekend starting tonight so he’s getting his sleep in right now in preparation. Once morning cartoons are over, Eli and I are going to Me and Mom’s, a consignment kids store here in Ballard. Since none of his shoes fit, I figured I would at least see what I could get for them since they’re all in reasonably good shape. Been going through his closet as well and figured I’d see what I could get for his outgrown clothes and stock up on some larger sizes while I’m there. Hopefully they will also have some size 9 rain boots. They have a very large toy section so it will give him some play time while I do that since the weather isn’t looking very friendly. This afternoon once Andy is up I’m going to visit my friend Christine and her month old son to give her some downtime. Should be fun!

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    Or Billy Idol

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