The Ides of March

18 Mar

…have nothing to do with this post other than I could not think of a title.

Life is good. Eli continues to be a source of ultimate joy and ultimate frustration and I think that’s just basically the update I could post on him until…well, his twenties or thirties at least and possibly even after that. He’s very into bargaining lately, particularly around bedtime. His Caillou episodes are 27 minutes long whereas Fireman Sam is only 9 minutes long so when it’s time to brush teeth and go to bed, he’ll often proposition us with, “I have an idea…(complete with index finger to mouth as if he’s just coming up with the idea) How about 2 Fireman Sams or one Caillou?” I think he gets that there’s a big time difference between the episodes? Despite my best intentions, I often find myself haggling with him. When we’ve given him the heads up that after X it’s bedtime, he gets no haggling no matter how cute he is, even if he suggests a book. “How about two books then I go to bed?” (“How bout too buts den I godo bed?) We’ve cut down a lot on the television, he usually only gets it now for a bit when he wakes up (to allow us wake up time as well), then one episode of whatever before naptime and before bedtime. He tries to haggle almost anything when it comes to going to sleep–I’ll say, “Ok, it’s time to go for your nap” and he’ll do the finger to the mouth thing and say, “I have an idea…how about we read a book?” or “How about we color?” The good thing is that when he realizes we aren’t backing down he will really only half heartedly complain about it, maybe some totally fake crying for effect. I’ll tell him “I’m not falling for that” and he’ll come and brush his teeth and go down with nary a peep.

He’s peed on the potty almost every day this week. There’s really no one to thank for that more than Andy, he’s wanted him potty trained for a while now. He found an ultra comfy potty seat for him and Eli is quite content to camp out on it for long periods and that seems to be the key. He’s very proud of all of the peeing in the potty and I am as well. He even announced to me this morning that he had pooped and then followed up with “I pooped, Mommy, I need clean diaper” which is a new thing. All the kid sites say that when they are really ready to potty train they start disliking having dirty diapers so this is a bit of a milestone as it has never seemed to be an issue before. Andy has started a schedule of putting him on the potty three times a day (after breakfast, before nap and before bedtime) and Eli has taken to it without issue although he doesn’t always produce, he is always willing to sit on it which at least is a step in the right direction.

Will did not get into UW. I wonder if for some of you this might be news before you hear it from him and if so, I’m sorry you had to hear it from me first. He seems alternately shocked by it and then also sort of defiant and has declared his intent to appeal. He’s not doing well in school right now (and that is the biggest of understatements I can possibly make without actually posting his grades) and he just seems totally unmotivated. I’m not sure what is going on with him, he seems completely shut down. This is something that Andy is addressing with him and Will has been working with him to find a resolution but I hate that a blow like a rejection letter came when he already seemed down. I don’t know what grounds he think he might have to appeal but we will of course support him in it. There are still lots of options even if he doesn’t go to UW.

I’m running the See Jane Run half marathon this summer. It looks sort of lame since it’s right next to where I live but at this point I need to pony up the money for something to get me running regularly. The P90X is great–I’ve lost inches all over from it but I need to get my running back on track if I’m going to run the full in November. I’m also signed up for the Seattle Warrior Dash and the Survivor Mud Run, not really as training but just sort of fun races that I and some friends will do. I’m hoping Andy and/or Will will do these with me but we’ll see what happens.

Andy is on days this weekend and I am home with Teenager of Gloom. Since his grades are so poor, he is grounded from all things fun so the fun is all mine!! Tomorrow Eli and I are going to have lunch with a friend while (hopefully) Will catches up on quite a lot of missed homework assignments (they are missed for no other reason than he just did not do them). If he could get these turned in, his grades would come up and life would be a bit easier but as I said, he doesn’t seem to have a lot of motivation. I hope things look up.


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