Half a month

3 Apr

I’m sorry it’s been so long since a post. From today’s daycare report:

“Eli has been a puzzle maniac. He’s onto our most complex puzzles, his favorite being the 24 pc jungle animals. He has much resolve to finish each one he starts and is really committed to arranging the pieces calmly–and rearranging them when a mismatch occurs. He’s willing to let others help–specifically, G and S (they are the other two boys right around his age). No other potty talk about bowel movements! Whew! (more on this in a sec) He was excited to see his bean had sprouted. He likes the ritual of checking on it. He’s the same with Neil Diamond (their pet betta fish); he feeds him 1-2 times a week and stands on a chair to check in on him. Next week we’ll be continuing in a similar direction with ‘seeds’.”

Since he seems to be into gardening, we’re going to hit Home Depot this weekend and buy plants to go in our many pots on the decks. Hopefully the weather will cooperate (or at least not rain). I’m also hoping to hit Target to buy some contact paper that matches the color scheme in his room so I can finish off his shelves and his seat that stores his shoes.

It’s the next day now–we never made it to Home Depot but did go to Target. We got him a 24 pc puzzle and he’s pretty stinking good at it. He’ll sit for quite a long time working at it and once he finishes it he wants to take it apart and put it back together. Yesterday we went to Seward Park’s Audubon Center for the Toddler Tales and Trails. One of the naturalists sits and reads a story about the forests (all about how things grow and everything is part of the ecosystem, etc etc) and then it’s a short hike around the center to check out the things you just heard about. It’s pretty neat and there were some older kids who were really getting into it. I think Eli is a bit on the wee side yet to do something that structured–he seemed interested when she peeled off bark to expose bugs but mostly he just wanted to hike the trails. We had lunch and went home for a nap.

Last night we went to the U Village to take Will’s computer to the shop AGAIN and wandered around some before stopping for dinner. Eli had obviously had it even though he’d had a fun day and a good sized nap because his behavior just screamed overstimulation. All running around like a maniac, not listening or obeying, throwing fits, etc. He’s got his usual two year old moments when we’re out and about but he’s usually a pretty compliant kid. Once we sat down to dinner he calmed down some but once we left he just started crying. I carried him to the car and he said he was “very tired”. We talked about how he had a very busy day and maybe he just felt out of sorts because we were so busy. He said, “Yeah, I am very tired.” We got home and got in bed for one Fireman Sam (this is turning into a nightly thing) and then he went to sleep. Kid was tiiiirrreed.

We do not eat berries (bellies)!

Things are bustling along here. I’ve signed up for my license exam so I’m going to be spending more of my free time (?) studying. Andy’s bandmate is moving to NYC for a few months so they are meeting a lot lately to try and get things wrapped up before he goes. Will has more play rehearsals, voice lessons, dance lessons.

Eli is consistently peeing on the potty at least 1-2X a day. He asks to go pretty regularly now although most of the time I think he just wants to watch videos on our phones while he sits endlessly on the potty. We did get our first poop on the potty today! Very exciting things around these parts. He’s gone several hours here and there with no diaper/pull up whatsoever with no accidents and even asked to go pee on the potty instead of just letting it fly. I think things are definitely moving in the right direction. I bought him some Toy Story underwear (SO CUTE) as motivation–as in “See the cool things you’ll be able to wear if you keep practicing on the potty?” and of course he wanted to wear them. That sort of backfired because he refused to take them off in order to put a diaper back on and eventually had an accident. We talked about how when he gets better at the whole potty thing he can wear them again and he’s fine with that.

Things continue along…I’m signed up for the Rock n’ Roll half-marathon at the end of June. So I really need to get running, right? I’m probably only running about 5 or 10 miles A WEEK so that needs to get into gear. Andy’s on nights all week so I’m back to my usual scramble of race out of work at 4, get a run or workout in and be back on parent duty by 5:45 when he has to leave for work. It makes for hectic days! I wish I could be one of those people who could work out late (like after Eli goes to bed at 8) but it would be too hard to sleep that soon after a work out.

I’ll do better on the posting. I do have pictures to post and I will get those up this week. Just run of the mill stuff…sometimes I think we need to get Eli different hats and jackets because it’s starting to look like I’m just posting pictures from one single trip because except for his pants, he’s wearing the same thing.


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