Hump Day!

6 Apr

It was….soap…poisoning. Eli’s too little to say it right so it sounds something like “it was soap and toys!”

a la this clip:

Really? Some toy exec thinks I’m going to buy it after seeing what it does to my kid??

More pictures are up. I ran 3.5 miles day before yesterday, 3 yesterday and did the core workout from P90X today (well, all but 15 minutes of it, wah wah). I’m tired! Eli is great, we got another poop in the potty last night and he’s peed in it a few times today but it was interesting to note he’s sitting on it a lot at daycare but not doing anything. I wonder if that’s just a function of how long he sits on it here (he’s usually on about 15 minutes or so) versus there. They’re also recommending we just wing it with the regular underwear to teach him about the sensation of being wet/dirty…Eli will tell them at Berry Patch that he’d rather poop or pee in his diaper, thanks. He’ll come right up and tell them he’s pooping in his diaper and that’s just fine, he’d rather not go in the potty. If you think about it, it really is more convenient but still, kid’s gotta learn to associate some degree of discomfort or ick with being wet or dirty and right now he just doesn’t care. Such a boy!

Busy few days ahead….Andy is off this weekend. A friend and I are going to walk Greenlake on Friday, Mike is coming over Saturday to watch the LSU game and Sunday we are loosely planning on going to Mt. Vernon for the Tulip Festival although according to the bloom map nothing is really blooming yet except for daffodils. After this weekend, Andy isn’t off until the last weekend in April and I imagine at that point everything will almost be DONE blooming so we’ll just see what happens.

It’s 9:48 and I am about to fall asleep in my recliner. Good night!


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