Where did the weekend go?

10 Apr

What an odd weekend. I noticed Eli was sniffly on Thursday and a little runny on Friday but no big deal. Early Saturday morning was fine but by noon, we were in Fever Town. Let him run it for a short bit since it wasn’t bad but then it shot up to almost 103 and took a while for the Motrin to knock it back down. There was on and off sleeping for the rest of the day, mostly on me (which of course I don’t mind). There was a puke incident but for once he didn’t really get me so much as himself and I was glad we bought a steam cleaner a few weeks ago because the carpet really got it.

Mike came over and watched the LSU spring game with us and he’s been a little sick all week too so it was really just a house of sloth. We watched various tv shows all day and I worked on making some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. Although nothing was particularly complicated about the chicken, it’s a long process so I started around 2 PM and we finally ate about 8:30. Everyone said I should have made more but everyone was nicely full at the end so it was good. Eli declined the chicken but ate a lot of roasted asparagus. I think his daycare is making him a vegetarian. The past week at home he’s enjoyed salad, brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, asparagus, and carrots. He refuses most meat except for chicken apple sausage. He likes chicken strips but will only eat them after he’s eaten his beans or pasta. I’m not knocking it, I just think it’s funny. He saw broccoli in the fridge today and said, “I like broccoli, we eat that at Berry Patch actually.” He adds “actually” on to a lot of sentences and it’s pretty dang cute.

Although he went down easily he had a rough night sleeping so about 2 AM I let him sleep with us which means everybody slept except for me. He didn’t go down until 10 last night and was up and going at 6 (no fever) so he was super cranky this morning because he was tired. I turned on Fireman Sam, got his breakfast ready and curled up in the chair with him. I usually don’t fall asleep while he’s up but I kept nodding off and he would wake me up by kissing me on the lips and patting my cheek saying, “Mommy tired and sleeping.” It was really adorable even though I totally felt like slacker Mom. I woke Andy up at 8 and went back to bed. I got up at 10:30 and the fever came back. Andy went to sleep at noon. I put Eli down at 1 for his nap and went to the gym to get in my four miles. The weather was actually okay today, not sunny but not raining and a decent temperature but I didn’t feel like running outside. Somehow the mental exertion of navigating people, roads, paths and figuring out a four mile route felt taxing so I just did it on the treadmill.

Grocery store, home, shower, lunch, and Eli woke up. Went and got him and his fever’s broken and he’s got that cheesy sweaty stink after you’ve broken a few fevers and the dried sweat is starting to accumulate. He acted like he wanted to get up but after I sat down with him he promptly passed back out and slept another hour on me. Will’s computer is fixed, Andy went and got it and Eli and I played trains while I got dinner together (multi-tasking!). Andy got back and took Eli on a very short walk since he’s in a spell of feeling okay and wanted to go outside.

Now they’re back and I’m making another delicious but not exactly healthy meal. Eli’s on a big noodle kick since we took him for ramen last weekend and he LOVES anything with noodles. I thought this would be a good dish to make everyone happy and we’ve all liked it before. We’re back on the vegetable train starting tomorrow since I need to start eating a bit more clean for the longer runs. We had already switched Eli’s daycare days to Tues-Fri this week. Andy’s only day off is tomorrow and then he won’t be off again until the Monday after tomorrow so he wanted to be able to have a day off with Eli and also give me Friday as a personal day. I like that idea a lot! Now that Eli’s turned up sick just makes the timing a bit better. He feels a bit warm still so we’ll see what happens. So far the rest of us seem spared although it seems like everyone at my work, etc is sick this week so I’m doing my usual compulsive hand washing and lysol dousing. Hopefully all of us will avoid this.


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