22 Apr


Eli woke up with one eye almost gooped shut. Cleaned it off (he did not enjoy that) and it was slightly pink but he denied pain or itching. Called doc anyway, they say to come in at three.

The temporary crown I got two days ago broke in half. Apparently my dentist’s office has nobody in on Fridays who is capable of making a temporary crown. I am advised to “not chew on that side” until the earliest appointment which is Monday. I email work to have the secretary clear my morning schedule. No pain or anything, just a little sensitive and mostly annoying.

His eye looked worse after his nap although still not really that dramatic. He said it hurt but it was in response to me asking him that and he has a habit of just agreeing so who knows. I take him to the doc. Doc says everything looks fine, a little fluid in one ear but no infection but yes, he’s got pink eye and he’s getting it in the other eye too. Prescribes drops for both eyes and comments that we can use them on ourselves as well because we will probably catch it.

While the doc is telling me about the medicine, the other half of my crown breaks off and I have to spit out a fake tooth in front of a stranger. AWESOME.

Eli is still just really in a fine mood and we drop off the script and go home and for a walk. I told him all about the medicine and he is fine with it. “Mencin in my eye, Mommy? It make my eye all bettuh? Otay.” We go back an hour later to pick it up. We come home, read the bottle, and I show him how it works. My amazing child sits down, lies down on the floor, and says, “Put the mencin in my eye, Mommy.” I put a few drops in each eye and he promptly freaks out and says it stings. I held him there for a few seconds until it soaked in and then we had some congratulatory M&Ms. Needless to say, I told him we’d need to do it several times a day for the next few days and he was no longer down with mencin in his eye. It’ll work out.

Andy texts, he’s got a flat tire at work.

Berry Patch emails, the house they’ve been in is now up for sale. Although they worked hard to ensure something like this wouldn’t happen when they chose the house, the people are underwater on their mortgage and trying to get out. They’ve had a hard time finding another location and aren’t in a position to buy the house they’re in (plus the people are being really shifty with them and trying to charge them more to buy than they’re selling the house for or making them pay their mortgage outright). Just got an email that they still haven’t found anything and time is running out. Some families have offered to help them financially to try to buy something and they’re looking for help. We’re in no position to help but it’s got me a bit worried that something could happen to his daycare. It’s not just that it’s daycare but I LOVE this place. You know that.

What a day! Right now I’m just waiting for Andy to get home and Eli is watching Toy Story 3. For all the events of today, I just still feel really lucky. It’s all small stuff and I’m thankful for that!


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