I feel like I’m always playing catch up

22 Apr


Eli’s never actually seen Lion King (darn you, Disney, and your refusal to only release movies every 10 years or whatever) but he has happened across Hakuna Matata on YouTube and loves the clip from it. So I can’t actually show him the movie in it’s entirety but he loves the song…although as Andy notes, it sounds like he’s saying “Tumor Fritatta”:

Some singing in the bathtub and he says his full name (Love toddlerese, he says his name is “Eli Piss”):

Things are bouncing back here. Eli was sick last weekend, Will came down with it Wednesday night (“I feel funny and I have no appetite”) and it quickly descended into 102 fever and a day of total immobility. He rebounded quickly and after a day off (Thursday) spent mostly in a chair, went back to school on Friday and has been fine since. I felt fine the whole way through until Friday afternoon when I remarked to Andy that my throat hurt and isn’t that weird (I had my tonsils out when I was 18 and really don’t ever get sore throats since that). I was spiking a fever a few hours later while he was on his first of three nights and by the next morning, his working (for pay) for the weekend was pretty much over. I was sick as a dog, all flu and fever, achy joints, headache, sore throat, no appetite, and having a hard time resting because I was uncomfortable and general miserableness (pity the person who has to deal with me when I’m sick). My fever finally went away Sunday evening and now it’s Wednesday and I’m just starting to feel human energy-wise again. I’ve decided to put off any running until next Sunday at least. I’d rather be really behind in my running schedule than set myself back by doing too much too soon.

Andy seems to have avoided it. Eli now has a cough and I have no idea what that is about. He’s been home all week with Andy since daycare is closed for spring break. They seem to be having a great time together and it’s nice that Andy is getting so much time with him because I don’t think he’s ever been alone with Eli for a stretch like this, ever. Will is off as well this week so they seem to be getting plenty of boy-bonding in. More than happy to go to work this week, thanks!

It’s the month of teeth for us. Andy had his dental cleaning, Will goes for his first checkup in God knows how long tomorrow, Eli goes for his first checkup ever next week. Really hoping that Eli inherited Andy’s teeth and not mine. I go fairly religiously although due to insurance issues I hadn’t gone in the last year (first time in over 10 years I skipped routine cleanings) and I have ended up needing 4 filling replacements (from old ones done when I was a kid), a crown on a molar, and the rooting and scaling to reverse periodontal disease. I brush two or three times a day and floss EVERY DAY. Andy hadn’t been to the dentist in something like 10 years and didn’t even have ONE cavity. So unfair. Anyway, I hope Will and Eli have his teeth. If not, we’re going to need to open another savings account. I had the crown prepped today and have a temporary on now and go back tomorrow for round one of the cleaning.

We continue to soldier on in the potty training department. He now poops on the potty a few times a week and earns a chocolate treat (gross, I know but that’s Andy’s deal with him– ‘chocolate for chocolate’ as he calls it) for it. He pees on it regularly and Andy has had several diaper free days at home with him. It hasn’t stopped accidents outright but Eli will start to do whatever and then realize ‘I don’t have a diaper on!” Today was accident free (it is now Thursday, I started writing this Weds night) but we’ve found that Eli seems to be holding it for long periods and it doesn’t occur to him to go to the potty unless one asks. When asked, he’ll gladly agree to go sit on the potty and promptly let loose, not checking to make sure his business is tucked in and pointing down. They have a strict rule of only proper names for body parts at the Berry Patch. In the spirit of solidarity, we do that as well here and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten eye rolls or “OHMYGOD”s from Will when he hears us asking, “Is your penis pointing down? Let me see. Point your penis down!” to Eli when he’s on the potty. So today he’s been great about only going on the potty but also recreating his own fire hose wash down of everything within a foot of the toilet in the bathroom because HELLO, IT’S NOT POINTING DOWN. Ah well, baby steps.

Now it’s Friday. Going to go ahead and post this.


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