25 Apr

The pink eye that barely was is no more. I’m still going to put the medicine on for a week just to make sure but it really was a big non-event for pink eye (yay!). Nobody else seems to have caught it and although Eli hates the eye drops with a passion, he’s pretty funny about them. He will still willingly lie down but once the medicine approaches, he screams BLOODY MURDER and CRIES until about .002 seconds after you’re done. Then he shoots straight up and runs to my closet and yells, “CHOCOLATE! I GET CHOCOLATE! I CAN’T REACH IT!” He gets 3 M&Ms for the eye drops and they’re stored on top of my dresser. He cups his M&Ms in his hand (not unlike Gollum and the ring) and takes them back to the end table where he sits and ponders them for a bit. Sometimes he’ll point out the colors first, sometimes he’ll line them up, rarely will he just eat them.

In other news, he’s suddenly gotten really good with colors. He consistently misses green every time though. He doesn’t even ever guess green. It’s like green will not stay in his brain for him to even remember it’s a color.

A few days ago he and I were walking around the ‘hood and a neighbor had rented one of those bobcat diggers and was digging up his yard and dumping the soil in a dump truck. Needless to say, we sat and watched quite a while and the guy was nice and even made the scooper part shake up and down at Eli a few times. Today we were driving to Berry Patch and he said, “Saturday Eli and Mommy saw a dump truck.” So nice use of past tense there and he knows days of the week now? Because it was Saturday that we saw it. I asked if he knew what today was and he seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. Maybe it was some sort of connection that Mike came over that day as well and Mike usually comes over Saturdays. I have no idea.

Also a running joke around here is threatening to snack on people’s toes, hands, ears, etc. It has led Eli to declare “We do not eat X” for whatever the tasty treat might be. It led to a bit of stickiness this weekend while we were reading his 100 First Animals book (you might see where this is going). He will often go through naming things and will often add the “We do not eat (whatever he just named)” We were reading through the book and he’s pointing out things, the ostrich, kookaburra, alligator, etc. He got to the page with farm animals and started doing the “We do not eat cows” and I pointed out that actually, we do eat cows. Eli doesn’t, mind you, little hippie baby will never touch beef. But I said people do eat them. He just gave me a look and went on.

“We do not eat ducks.” I left it alone because usually, no, we don’t. Then he gets to the pig. “We do not eat pig.” “Well, Eli, a lot of people eat pig. You know bacon? You love bacon, right?” He nods. “Well, bacon is made from a pig.”

He gave me such a look as I have never seen. I immediately wondered to myself WHAT AM I DOING DO I EVER WANT HIM TO EAT AGAIN and dropped it. He then said, “No, bacon is not made from pig.” and went on. “We do not eat chicken.” Um, okay kid. It’s called a CHICKEN STRIP for a reason and he asks for them by name. For another time, I guess.

His hippie baby ways continue. I made a very simple broccoli cheese rice casserole thing for dinner tonight. He ate a lot of the salad (spinach, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes) and ate the broccoli out of the casserole (even knocked the rice off of it). He is so weird. Little vegetable junkie.

Got my tooth fixed today, quite glad about that. It had gotten pretty uncomfortable over the course of the weekend.

I have two months until the half and I am so unprepared. Tomorrow will be my first time running since before the flu (about 1.5 weeks?) Oh well, it’s always good to have a goal.

One Response to “Updates”

  1. wendy spies April 26, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    that is awesome. i am so glad he is better!

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