Shifting gears

4 May

We’ve decided not to buy a house for a while. Although Will has declared his intention to take a year off before starting college (and the idea at this point is that he’ll work full time and contribute financially), it doesn’t seem financially feasible for us to buy in the next four years considering tuition costs, daycare (particularly if there is a #2 in the next year or two), etc. The housing market keeps going steadily downhill and I’d hate to buy something just to watch it sink in value even more. Prices in Seattle are holding somewhat steady but we’ve decided to rent for the next several years in order to continue to work on our savings, be able to have funds to help Will as much as possible, still have vacations, etc.

So the search is on. Now that we’ve decided to rent, it feels like a switch has been flipped in my head, one that screams “I CANNOT TAKE THIS SMALL APARTMENT ANYMORE!” Suddenly everything about it is annoying me. I keep envisioning a yard with a little plastic toddler wading pool for Eli, a little swing set, enough room for everyone and storage space. I envision more than four cabinets in the kitchen for storage. I see a full size washer and dryer and the ability to wash more than three pair of jeans at a time. I see a day when I can boot Eli’s hyper butt into the back yard to play and not have to haul him and chalk, his tricycle, football, etc down two flights of stairs only to have him poop or better yet, insist that he wants to go back inside once we get to the bottom, thereby necessitating a trip hauling everything back up. I envision mowing a yard and a day spent gardening (I used to love to garden at my house before I moved into this apartment). I am mentally planting my herb garden and digging up the plot. Suddenly this apartment that I have loved has become quite unbearable.

So we’re looking. We found one that was Perfect but of course it was pretty much rented in 30 seconds and I didn’t see the post until 12 hours after it posted. You gotta be quicker than that in Seattle. We’re going to look at one tomorrow that is GORGEOUS but the location is meh (the location itself is great but it’s next to a major road and therefore a bit noisy) and if they don’t come down on the price, it’s a deal breaker. A lot of people will negotiate with us since we are willing to sign a long lease since we don’t want to have to move for quite a while and I would like to lock in a price.

I have the half in less than two months. I am ill prepared. I have started Training in Earnest this week. I ran 2.5 miles and then did 15 minutes (1.25 miles) on the stairs Monday. Yesterday, I did the core workout from P90X and today I ran 3.6 miles. Tomorrow is an off day. Friday I’m shooting for a slow 4 miles and another slow 4 miles on Sunday. I’ve also been studying a lot lately for my licensure and I have to block out some quiet time soon to take a full practice test. I’ve been doing the short ones a lot and I’m getting better but I haven’t taken a full practice one yet because HA HA HA WHEN DO I GET FOUR HOURS OF SILENCE anymore. I’ll work something out.

Will’s in the midst of his IB tests this week and it seems like he’s doing well. We are doing some tough love with Eli this week in an effort to break him of the constant “no”. So when we ask him “would you like X?” and we know full well he would like X, he then (of course) says “NO!” so we don’t give it to him. He’s not enjoying it at all, particularly once he caught on that if he said no there would be no second chances, sorry kid, you said no so that’s it. I feel bad doing it but he was really going overboard, just saying no to EVERYTHING and it was getting really old and annoying. We should have done this sooner.

Last weekend we went to the Tulip Festival and then the next day we bought a kite and took Eli to Kite Hill at Gasworks Park (Will did not want to go, shocker). I got some good pictures from that and will post them in the next few days. It was a wonderful, sunny, warm busy weekend. The weather has been ever so slightly better lately, more sunny days than rainy, a little bit on the warmer side but not quite “warm”. I ran today in short sleeves and it was lovely. This weekend is Parents’ Night Out and I have no idea what we’re doing.

I am about to go into a coma! So not used to running. Have a good night!


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