Relief is imminent

10 May

We rented a place. Well, so far we haven’t done anything other than give the landlord my card and he promised to email over the documents but it’s pretty much as good as done. Any of you who have visited enough probably have an idea of where Patty’s Eggnest on Holman Road is (Andy tends to take people there for breakfast). The house we’ve rented is a very short walk from that, on top of the hill. It’s a four bedroom, two bath house. It has the most amazing kitchen (as amazing as you can get without a gas stove) and odd leftover 1950s accents in other places. It’s a place we can be comfortable for a while and I’m really happy about it. The yard needs some a lot of work, it’s all poorly tended and overrun with dandelions. Luckily, neither the front nor back are so large that it would be a massive undertaking so I’m happy. It’ll be just enough work for a rental and a pretty easy project for someone new to having a yard after five years.

It has central air which is bizarre in Seattle but OH MY will I be popular on those few days it’s hot enough for a/c. There’s a deck with a territorial view and it just screams for a grill and a table with an umbrella. We met one-half of the partnership that own it when we looked at it tonight and if I could choose people to know, they would be it. It’s a guy from a long Greek family and his wife (they have a 4 yr old) and he and his partner bought it as an investment property several years ago and fixed it up. Apparently his partner is the bad cop of the duo and was always getting on him about the upgrades he made (the granite in the kitchen, the central air, the gorgeous hardwood floors) but our guy said that people want to feel like they live where they are and the right people would appreciate it and WE DO. I can’t even express how happy I am to feel like I’m about to live in a real house and not a rental with rental cheap everything. The couple and their family (parents, sisters, etc all live on the same block about a half mile away) own several Greek restaurants in Seattle and they are fun! I know where we’re eating next time we go for Greek!

The previous tenants paid for all of May but are already out so he’s going to give us the keys in the next day or so and let us go ahead and start moving stuff over–our storage unit, so we can save that money, etc and we plan to be fully moved in by mid-June and be totally done with this apartment by the end of June. I wasn’t willing to make a June 1st move in date since so many people will be visiting for Will’s graduation, his play, I have my licensure exam coming up, etc. I wanted the pressure off.

In celebration of a big imminent outpouring of money, my laptop appears to be dying. The poor girl (almost five) is hard to start up and I have to restart her a lot these days when I wake it up from sleep in order to get it to unfreeze. I don’t think she has long for this world. In which case there might be a blog hiatus or just a blog that gets updated from work (ONLY DURING LUNCH OF COURSE EMILY AHEM *COUGH* *COUGH*) for a while. We’ll see how long she lasts. In any case, I’m backing it up every few days.

We’ll be moving storage stuff into the house this weekend but I wanted to post one of the only pictures we have of it, the kitchen:


I’ll post more pictures as I have them.

(In other news, Eli is fine and likes to say “no”, I’ve been running a lot and my legs are sore, Will’s taking IB tests and doing well on the tests but sliding in everything else, Prom is Friday!, and Andy is doing great as usual)


2 Responses to “Relief is imminent”

  1. Sue May 12, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    The house sounds really exciting! It seems you have the best of both worlds — staying in the neighborhood you like and getting the space and yard you have craved. That is perfect!

  2. wendy spies May 17, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    looks gorgeous!

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