19 May

We signed a lease for two years.  We also already agreed upon a price for the following two years but won’t sign anything until this one is up.  I feel better because the landlord at the last house I rented steadily increased the price every year and a house we could afford at the start soon became a house that was a bit of a burden.  Over four years the rent will only increase $100 and you won’t hear me complaining.  Now we’re just waiting for the keys and I’m starting to get very impatient for them.  I want to take pictures and measurements and be able to show Eli the house!  He’s very excited about it and keeps asking to go see “the new house with the new yard and the new rooms”.  We’ve driven past it and shown it to him but that’s about it so far.  We were hoping to move out our storage unit into it tomorrow but still haven’t heard from the landlord.  Ah well, hopefully he’ll plant the key somewhere there tonight so we can still move everything over tomorrow.

Annnnd it’s the next day.  He did leave the keys for us and Andy went on a moving tear like I’ve never witnessed.  He was off today and managed to move and close out our storage unit (it was pretty large) and move EVERYTHING off of both decks.

Annnd it’s the next-next day. Thursday, that is. Man, this week has gotten away from me. Andy’s on 12 hr days switching to 12 hr nights tomorrow through the weekend. Will has his band trip to Victoria this weekend. Tomorrow Eli and I are going with friends to the zoo and in the afternoon I’m going to try to get in at least 6 miles (preferably 7 but we’ll see). Saturday, Eli and I will help the Berry Patch move to their new house after his nap (which is also my study time). Sunday, DAY OF REST. That’s why I’m trying to squish in the run tomorrow instead of Sunday….I want a whole day off. Because then….

Andy’s dad gets here Monday for a week. Andy’s sister and brother-in-law get here Friday for four or five days. Will’s play is next weekend. Then my license exam is the week after that. And did I mention we’re moving throughout all of this when we can? Did I mention the running schedule I’m supposed to be sticking to, with three four mile runs next week and the 8 miler next weekend? Oh and we’re moving stuff too. And that means we have to PACK. Andy is determined to be moved in by June 5th. So my study breaks are alternating with packing. There’s also the matter of that 2 year old who requires a good deal of attention! I love my daycare and they asked the other day about my test and I explained what it was (I guess Andy had mentioned it). Nicolie offered to take Eli for two Fridays free of charge so I could study! I already had the zoo plans for tomorrow but did take them up on it for next Friday. Since everyone will be coming (or already in) town, I don’t know exactly how it will work but I figure I can hole up somewhere and get some good cram time in. I thought it was really nice of them to offer.

His daycare took them to Seattle Center and the Space Needle yesterday and Eli had a blast. I asked if he was scared when they went to the top of the needle and he said, “No, I was not scared but Rosalie (Wo-za-wee) was scared.” Here’s the weekly report:

“Eli has been showing depth with his thoughts throughout the week. There’s the argument he tried to make for avoiding heights on Wednesday: “I’m scared…maybe we should go to the zoo instead?” And some simpler stuff–when Band of Horses was playing, he came into the kitchen to say, ‘This is my song”. (He really always has liked them–we played that album when I had him in the hospital) When he was cleaning up his dishes he said, “I was so careful with my dishes-I was gentle!” It’s great to hear the intrinsic value of responsibility and self-awareness happening. Eli overcame his fears in the Space Needle–he really liked using the telescope when we were up top. We also did a project taping tubes with colored masking tape. He worked furiously to use the tape himself. He could use more time with it to work at a self-sufficient level. He was controlling with peers over sensory stuff outside; we took away privileges and that seemed to get across what expectations we have.”

The weather was absolutely wonderful the last few days. It really made me wish we were already in the house–I kept thinking how lovely it would be to hang out in the yard after Eli and I come home instead of having to trudge up to the apartment. I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of time outside once we’re there!


One Response to “Impatience”

  1. Lolli May 21, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    I’m tired just reading this post. Just think, in 4 weeks all the work will be worth it. The licensing exam will be over, you’ll have moved into your new home and you get to enjoy it all! Sounds like an exciting & exhausting time
    Lolli & Pop

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