Busy Weekend

22 May

Eli and I had a really great weekend. Will is off in Victoria for his annual band trip and gets home tomorrow. Andy’s been on nights all weekend and thankfully seems to be getting good sleep. Did I mention the one great thing about the new house? There are two bedrooms on the lower (basement) level. One has a decent sized window and a large closet and that is Will’s bedroom. The other has no closet (which is weird and I didn’t notice it at first) and will be the guest bedroom. It has no window (sorry, guests). But the no window thing is actually quite fabulous for us and Andy’s work schedule when he will be on nights. The sunlight (even in Seattle) has been a constant problem interfering when he tries to sleep during the day. Over the last few years, we’ve had the windows closed, blinds totally shut, and blackout curtains taped to the wall at the edges. It does well enough but it’s really hard to keep everything quiet for him to sleep and it’s also quite a pain in the rear to have the bedroom off limits for large portions of the day….kind of prevents doing laundry, that sort of thing. I’ve had to wake up and move everything I might need during the course of the day out before he goes to sleep (including clothes, laundry, showering stuff to go in the other bathroom) and it still seems I always forget a thing or two and have to sneak in there while he’s sleeping which inevitably is the point that Eli decides to start screaming at the top of his lungs. Despite my warnings to stay quiet while I go in, he often will go to the door and look for me in the dark yelling, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING MOMMY! DADDY IS SLEEPING!”

So it’s just really great that there will be a pitch black room away from the noise of the daily goings on where hopefully Andy can always get good rest.

We’ll be discontinuing our cable when we move. Part of it is financial, part of it is with Hulu and Netflix instant streaming we could certainly do without it, and part of it is just I am sick of the television. I cut off my cable several years ago and didn’t have it again until I moved in with the boys. Although a little painful at first (I had surprising withdrawal for the Food Network and all of those Remember the 80s/90s shows on VH1) I ended up really liking it. I’m not excited about the first few weeks but I think it will be the best in the long run.

We were busy this weekend. Eli and I went to the zoo on Friday morning with my friend Christine and her 4 month old, Oscar (“We went to da zoo with Tishtine and baby Ottah” says Eli). We saw all sorts of animals although Eli was a little preoccupied with finding the sheep. We got home and once he went down for his nap I did a 5.5 mile run with 200 stairs in the middle of the run. I sort of regretted working the stairs into my route once I was on them but I knew that the remainder of the run was largely downhill so that was good. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny and 68 degrees and I really enjoyed it. Once E was up, Andy took him to the park before he went to work to give me a bit of study time. Yesterday, Eli and I played around inside for the morning and then went to help the Berry Patch move to their new location. Since we couldn’t go until about 3:30, they were done once we got there (they had started at 1 and had a lot more help than they expected and things went quickly). Eli hung out at his friend Kenley’s house while Andy and I “helped”. Since they were finished, this mostly consisted of us standing around drinking a beer and chatting for a while. Today, Eli and I went to Swanson’s Nursery to check out plants. This nursery is HUUUUUGE and about 6 blocks from the new house. They have a gift shop with a koi pond and Eli went nuts over the fish. The koi are absolutely huge (probably about a foot long) and very “friendly”. They came right up to you and nipped at your fingers if you left them on the ledge too long. They sort of freaked me out and Eli thought they were cool but didn’t want to touch them (they’ll actually let you pet them). After naps, Andy went for a walk with Eli for some Daddy/Eli time while I studied.

I’m not really studying so much anymore as just taking practice test upon practice test. I’ll be happy once I’m done! I am consistently scoring well above passing range on the practice tests so that’s a good confidence builder and giving me a lot of familiarity with the style of questions…there are a ton of “What should you do FIRST, what is MOST COMMONLY, MOST LIKELY” etc questions and those can sometimes trip me up but I’m getting a lot better through practice. My weaknesses seem to be family therapy interventions and administration/supervision questions. So I’ve spent a good chunk of today reading about social learning interventions in family therapy as well as structural family therapy. I’m sort of enjoying the studying although I’ll be happy to not have the anxiety of the test hanging over me. The diagnostic stuff trips me up sometimes because even though I routinely diagnose people after intake assessments, I don’t have to MEMORIZE the criteria.

Tonight I am totally falling back on television as babysitter. I’m just tired! I figure I can have a night of slack. Someone in this building has been playing music at a truly annoying level today–it’s very bassy and when I took a short nap it kept waking me up. I have never had this issue–this building is really well sound proofed. They better knock it off before Eli’s bedtime or I will hunt them down. It’s sort of funny that it starts up right before we move–I was starting to get nostalgic about leaving this apartment!


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