Still Alive

1 Jun

Sorry for the lack of posts. Things have been hectic. Andy’s dad, sister, and brother-in-law visited over the last week and we had a great time with them. They stayed at the new house and broke it in for us. They got to do some fun touristy Seattle stuff and Marcie went to town on the yards. It’s hard to just watch someone do yard work without joining in (I imagine my parents would have preferred me to have this problem when I was young) so we all ended up working in the yard for a good chunk of two days. Both yards look so much better and Marcie identified a lot of plants for me so I can learn how to care for them properly. We bought a lawn mower and cleaned the front yard up nicely. A neighbor even came over to introduce herself to tell us how nice it looked. We have yard waste for the next two weeks of pick up already. We had dinner over there one night and grilled Copper River salmon on the deck. It is a great house!

Andy is determined that we move in this weekend. Things were starting to look a little bleak. Apparently we are of an age that all of our friends are in some state of physical disrepair and/or pregnancy and/or out of town and/or not responding to my “Hey, want to help us move?” texts. It seems that at 36 you can’t sway people with pizza and beer anymore because now they can buy their own pizza and beer without physical labor first. Will’s mom is going to be in town so he will be off with her all weekend. It was starting to look like just Andy and me as the moving crew. I’m all for working out but moving all of our furniture down the stairs seemed a bit much. Even if we had “all the people” that really only meant the addition of Will and maybe Mike sometime next weekend. So we just threw in the towel and got movers. They will be here Saturday at one and we’ll just get it all done in one go and aside from FURIOUS packing that will take place over the next two days and some transporting of lamps and fragile items, I DON’T HAVE TO MOVE ANY OF IT! Hurray!

I think the best part is that we don’t have to move and try to tend to Eli at the same time. I took all the window hardware down today while he was up and it was just a mess with all of his “help”. Let’s face it, the “help” really was just him tossing around the hardware screws, whapping us/things with the rods, then finally a tearful fit once I told him to leave the window stuff alone so I could keep it all in one place. It wasn’t much fun for anybody. Andy and I will move his room over ourselves early Saturday morning so it will be set up in time for nap time Saturday afternoon. The rest of the afternoon will be spent coordinating the move and then there is a Parents’ Night Out at his daycare at 5 PM. I figure we won’t be done then but once it is finished we are going to tapas at Tango as a congratulatory We’re Done (mostly) Moving! and Erin Got Her License (hopefully)!

My exam is Friday and I’m feeling pretty confident. I’ve taken endless practice tests and I’ve passed all of them to varying degrees. Unless I just totally freak out on Friday, I expect to pass it. It goes without saying there’s a little anxiety but mostly I feel pretty good. I’ll do a little review tonight, maybe a little tomorrow but I’m just really at the point that I feel like I’m not absorbing anything anymore. My brain, it is full. I took tomorrow off and I will spend most of the day packing and I also have a scheduled 5 mile run. We also have to go find rugs and a few more window hardware things for the new house.

Eli is in full on whine mode lately. He is straight into WHINE if you deny him something although it seems to be getting a bit better. Kid has had a lot of changes lately–his daycare moved, we’re moving, he’s been sick for the last week or two (runny nose and nasty cough), people visiting which meant he was going constantly with short naps and late bedtimes and he was really just a champ through all of it. I think it’s okay if he’s taking it out a little on us right now. He’s tired–we all are! I’m looking forward to getting settled in to the new house and having some normalcy and routine reestablished–we all do better with it. Andy was off today and Eli came to me while I was getting ready for work to tell me he was not going to Berry Patch. He said he was going to stay home with Daddy because he was tired. I know Andy had a lot of things he planned to do today but once Eli asked if he could stay with him Andy very quickly said that of course Eli could stay home. So he and Eli got some downtime which they haven’t had in quite a while.

So that’s things in a nutshell. Lots of activity around here and I was thinking about taking a few days off at the end of the month just to have off when Andy is already scheduled off. Needless to say, we aren’t going to be striking out on vacation anytime soon but it will be good just to have a few down days after such a busy month!


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