The downhill slide

6 Jun

Oh, this has just been a week, Internet. I continue to be so, so tired. First things first:

I passed! Hurray! I thought the test was much more tricky than ANY practice test I’ve done. I was fairly certain about 25 questions in that I had bombed it and spent the majority of the exam alternately composing the “I failed” speech in my head that I would have to give everyone, wondering how I would cope with the tragedy faces people would give me. Then I’d switch to chiding myself for throwing in the towel so easily and OF COURSE I would bomb if I kept thinking like that! You’re doing great, Erin! You’re prepared! Huzzah! Go me! It was basically three hours of unchecked internal neuroses running rampant. I really had no idea how I did but I passed with quite a big comfort zone so YAY. THAT IS OVER. LET US TALK OF IT NEVER AGAIN.

We packed/moved pretty much nonstop for the next two days. The movers ended up finally getting our stuff to the new house about 8 PM Saturday night. We got enough of the house unloaded and made ourselves dinner and hit the sack about 12:30 that night. It was pretty funny that we were both so tired we couldn’t figure out how to put our bed back together and ended up sleeping in the guest bed downstairs. The next morning I got up with Eli and put the rest of the bed together and a few other things. Over the last few days things are still coming together, there are only about 5 or 6 packed boxes remaining on the main floor and the living room got sort of assembled tonight. Now that the main area is out of boxes and set up, I feel like I can relax on the rest.

I finally got to see Will’s play Sunday and it was great. Emily and Jeremy came to babysit Eli and they arrived shortly after he went down for his nap about 1:15. The play was at 2 and I told them just to let Eli sleep until he woke up, thinking that he never really sleeps longer than three hours. I knew he was tired from all the activity of the last week. Imagine my surprise when we got home at 5 and he was still asleep!

The weather has been gorgeous and I haven’t run in a week. I’m really behind and need to get back on track tomorrow. I think I’ve only ever skipped two or three scheduled runs EVER. The fact that I have a half in three or so weeks and didn’t run for a week really tells you how pooped I’ve been. I’m still tired but I need to suck it up for tomorrow–I also think it will help me feel a little better.

On the to do list–rugs (not used to hardwood floors on bare feet–my feet feel dirty all the time, ick), put up curtains/rods, put up TV in bedroom, finish unpacking, collapse, run, start work again on the yards. The weather is also supposed to be nice this weekend so Eli and I decided if it was warm enough that we were going to go buy a sprinkler and maybe a small kiddie pool for the yard. We were both pretty excited about it.

The new day care location is really great. Eli has been having a few toddler boy injuries lately. Today was his first bloody nose! Apparently he was playing in the yard and fell. When he fell, he fell on his knees and went face first into the fence. He’s got a wee scratch on his lip, a scraped elbow and knee, and had quite the nose bleed for a little while but recovered quickly. He was totally casual about it when I picked him up and acted like it was nothing. They said he cried for a few minutes but then decided crying was boring and started playing in the yard again. Go Eli!

He seems to be enjoying the new house and his room. I continue to be amazed at how well he’s handled a very, very busy few weeks with no real meltdowns and a good attitude about it all. I told him as much in the car this weekend. He listened and then said, “You wel-tom, Mommy”. He’s just a bundle of awesome. I think he’s handled all of the change and activity so much better than I have!

He’s very into imaginative play and will sit in his crib for quite some time making elaborate stories of what his “buddies” (his stuffed animals) are doing. He will play trains by himself for quite a while and you can often hear him reenacting a story he’s seen on the Thomas videos. It’s pretty cute! I’m not entirely used to this imagination business so often I will think he’s talking to me when in fact he’s putting together dialogue between Goats and Buzz. He loves to pretend he’s eating things (we often eat invisible donuts around here) and thinks it’s HILARIOUS to joke about eating really gross stuff (“I’m eating a toe jam sandwich Eli, what are you having?” He’ll crack up and squeal, “THAT’S SO GROSS MOMMY!” but then want a bite)

If you ask him to sing a song, he’ll usually say no but then you just have to start singing it with all the wrong words. He can’t stand hearing it sung incorrectly so he’ll sing it to save you the embarrassment. You can often get him to do whatever you need by threatening to do it yourself–I’m going to eat all of your mac n’ cheese/climb the stairs/clean up the blocks! And then he’ll insist that he has to do it RIGHT THEN. He still loves to help and having a job to do will pull him out of almost any bad mood.

Hmm, 10:18. Time for me to hit the sack. Everyone have a good week!

video catch up:

The Intedeebahs!

More couch fun:


There is also a rather cute video of Eli “reading” Are You My Mother? on his Aunt Marcie’s FB page…I put it on mine as well. Let me know if you don’t have access and I’ll see if I can’t email it to you.


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