Settling In

11 Jun

Tonight marks one week in the new house. We’ve gotten a lot done, maybe not always what we wanted to get done but it’s coming along. A week in and no window treatments are up at all. We found one rug for the living room and that took us two days and three different stores. I really don’t know how I would have survived that much rug shopping–rather, I don’t know how ELI would have survived that much without the iPhone. We let him walk for as long as he could take it and once he started getting tired we would plop him in the large part of the shopping cart with some Fireman Sam and we could take our time. We did manage to find window treatments for the living room but we must have been rather brain dead when doing the math for how many rods we would need because we only got enough for half the length in the main room. So those will wait until I can make another run. All of the tvs are up. No boxes left on the main floor. We’ve been getting off work and working steadily for several hours every night. I took Thursday off of work because I was so tired from the previous week I was starting to border on weepy. I slept about 15 or 16 hours and everything felt a lot better. We haven’t touched the apartment to clean it and there’s still probably about 3 or 4 boxes of random odds and ends still there.

We mowed the yards (again!) and got a weed eater since it was impossible to do the ditch without one. I weeded every bed. I did put the herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, chives) I already had in this morning and might buy a few other things. Most of the planting will have to wait until next spring (except for bulbs this fall) since it’s already too late to plant many things.

I am seriously feeling all of this yard work. I was scheduled to run 5 miles yesterday and my legs bonked at 4. Granted, my diet the previous week wasn’t great but I’ve never really just had my legs tap out on me like that. I am scheduled for 9 tomorrow and have been careful with my diet although I probably overdid it in the yard today–at one point I walked upstairs and my quads felt beyond fatigued. We’ll just see how it goes tomorrow. I probably won’t push it if I can’t do the full run. Better safe than injured!

Eli just loves the new house. This morning we woke up and he enjoyed his morning sippy of milk and I had my usual coffee while we watched My Neighbor Totoro. Then we started to work in the yard about 9:30. He’s not really the best helper in the yard since he has a very specific idea of how the wants to do things (mostly seems designed to work against me, really) but he’s very enthusiastic so I try to roll with it the best I can. I think the only meltdown we had was because he likes to rip the flowers and pretty things off of plants. He then shakes them and makes it “snow” with petals, etc. I think this is a side effect of all the cherry blossoms each spring. Anyway, I gave him some pruned azaelas, etc and explained we can only do this with certain ones but then he attacked the hostas and things got ugly. A few minutes later he was fine and back to “gardening” which mostly seemed to consist of wielding the push broom like a weapon and swinging it around the yard, occasionally injuring himself and/or getting stuck on a tree. Then I remembered we had colored chalk and he entertained himself for a long time drawing on the sidewalk–I got down and drew some too. We came in and had a very nice lunch of turkey, apples, carrots, olive oil crackers, cheese, and strawberries before his nap. I LOVE HAVING A HOUSE AND A YARD! He went down like a ton of bricks for nap since he was so busy this morning.

Now I am in bed with a heating pad on my back and trying not to think about 9 miles tomorrow. I found some tylenol PM in the cabinet and took two since I was a bit uncomfortable last night from all the yard work–I think I bought these when I was pregnant. Here’s hoping for a good night sleep!


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