23 Jun

Okay, I’m only 36 but I cannot remember for the life of me what I was going to write this post about. I had a very specific “Oh, I could tell about THIS” topic earlier but now, nothing. I also noticed it’s been almost a week since a post so here I go with a post of babbling because I really feel terrible when it’s longer than a week (I feel terrible for my mom as I’m pretty sure she is the only one who reads this and we could probably just save myself the carpal tunnel if I just called her instead).

As part of what I like to refer to as Adult Living Skills, Will has now been charged with cooking dinner once a week. Starting next week, he will be given money to walk to the store and obtain the ingredients as well but I did the shopping for him this week. He made chili tonight for dinner and it was really good. I don’t know if he noticed the layer of chili that formed a sort of perma-coat on the bottom because it was burned quite thoroughly but if you managed to avoid scraping up that layer, it was quite tasty. This is how we learn, right? That’s pretty much the idea. It’ll give him a healthy repertoire of meals he can cook (there will be a little enforced variety down the road if needed), some confidence in the kitchen, and maybe an idea of what it takes to produce meals. Also, his future girlfriends/wife will thank me for a man who knows how to cook. I know I appreciate the fact that Andy likes to cook. Maybe it will also save Will from the constant ramen habit one develops during college.

I’m off work all next week! Whee! We have to officially be out of the apartment on Thursday so Andy and I need to go clean it. There’s really not a convenient time to do it with Eli so I just decided to take a day or two off to go do it and then I figured I might as well take the whole week (4 days) and have a day or two off with nothing to do in there as well. Andy will be off work as well so VACATION! I’m thinking that we might go rent kayaks for the day or something like that–seems a shame to waste it. He works all next weekend so it will be a dull weekend so I think I will plan something fun for us on Wednesday or Thursday.

Monday is the switch to TODDLER BED! This morning I mentioned it again to Eli. I said, “Remember on Monday you’re moving into a big boy bed. Doesn’t that sound cool?” and he said, “Yes and I can get in and out of bed all by myself!” I said, “That’s right!” and he replied, “And I will not need your help to do it anymore!” and I was all, “Waaaaiiiitttt…you’re sounding a little too grown up here, man”. Of course, I didn’t say that, I just sort of uttered a meek little “That’s right! All by yourself!” and then went and sobbed for a minute and decided to have another kid because this one is clearly Too Old.

So toddler bed is Monday and then the De-Diapering is in a few weeks, once any bed business has settled down. It’s a lot of milestones for little man. Tante and Kristin came and watched him tonight and of course he was a peach for them and gave sweet kisses and hugs when they left. Mike is coming to stay for the weekend tomorrow and Eli is as excited as can be about it. I’ve got the half Saturday which I’m looking forward to–it’s nice to not have to stress about making a particular time–I’m taking my phone so I plan to do a fair bit of stopping and picture taking–and I am just going to have a good time and I’ll finish when I finish. Tomorrow Andy switches to a weekend of night shifts but we are going down to Qwest Field to the expo to pick up my race packet and check out the expo–should be fun!


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  1. Lolli June 24, 2011 at 6:10 am #

    Your Dad reads it too. The phone call would be quicker but now I have this I can read several times. Thanks

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