Vacations are different when you’re older.

28 Jun

Oh, I’m not complaining. It really is nice to be off my paid job. I’ve also had a nice sleep in yesterday but mostly this vacation is a lot of work so far. Andy and I spent about 6 hours today working on the apartment before calling it quits to go pick up Eli. We’ve got maybe 30 minutes left of work to do on it before we’ll be finished.

We’re selling the big air conditioner, well, trying to. Since we’re in the house with central A/C, we don’t need the large one (we’re keeping the small one). We’ve got an ad on Craigslist and so far, nothing. The weather still hasn’t gotten that warm yet so hopefully when it warms up this weekend we’ll start getting some bites and be able to get rid of it.

The half marathon went great–I stopped and took a few pictures, stopped for a bathroom break, walked through all the water stops and still beat my previous time by a minute. It was a fun run once you actually got started–there were approximately 17 thousand runners in just the half marathon! I’m a little sore but I think that has to do with the non-stop action the last few days–the day after I took Eli for a hike (pictures are up), all the stairs with cleaning the apartment, etc.

Here are my stats:
Overall: 9619 out of 17083 · Division: 985 out of 1953 · Gender: 5578 out of 11458
Pace 5 Km 10 Km 9 Mile Chip Time Clock Time
11:02 33:35 1:11:03 1:43:46 02:24:34 03:09:33

Tomorrow we’re taking the day off apartment stuff and going for a hike. We’re going to Rattlesnake Ledge. It’s in North Bend, about an hour from Seattle and is supposedly a very beautiful hike with amazing viewpoints. It’s pretty short–about 4 miles roundtrip and the elevation gain will require some effort but it’s not crazy or anything. I’m sure my legs will hate me for it but it’s a hike we wouldn’t be able to do with Eli because of the elevation gain (I’m not carrying him up 1000 feet if he gets tired) and also the lookout is a bit precarious–not really the place you want to have a toddler. I’m looking forward to it!

We converted Eli’s crib to a toddler bed last night. Basically, one side comes off the crib and it converts into a day bed. Eli did wonderfully in it. He remarked several times that “I can get in and out all by myself!” and did so before bedtime. Once he went to bed for the night he did his usual routine–lie down and seem asleep but then get up and play with his buddies for a while, lie down, get up and play–but he never tried to get out of bed. He looked over the edge a few times (we had put a few soft blankets down in case he rolled out in the middle of the night) but never a single attempt to get out. This morning I heard him singing and playing in his bed for a while and he eventually started yelling for me to COME GET HIM UP.

It reminded me of my dog Oscar. One time we had to have some repairs on our backyard fence and a section of it was taken down–we didn’t replace it with anything while it was being repaired. Even though there was nothing stopping him, Oscar would walk up to exactly where the fence used to be and stop. It’s like it was still there for him. Eli reminded me of that this morning. He sat in his bed for a good 45 minutes until I finally yelled that he can get up himself, remember? He said “Okay” but didn’t do anything and I yelled again “You can get out of bed yourself and come in here! Come see me!” and finally he got up and came in the room. It just solidifies my belief that if we didn’t move him to a toddler bed, he’d probably still be in that crib when he started kindergarten.

Thursday we are back to finishing up the apartment and I’m hoping we can get out Friday night for some sushi–Andy is on 12 hour days Friday-Monday which makes for a long, lonely weekend for me but I’m finding things to do. I hope everyone has a great week!


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