A weekend of rest

7 Jul

We’ve made it over the hump! License exam, moving, cleaning out the old apartment, half-marathon, Andy working weekends, getting the house set up. The house still isn’t really entirely set up and I think that will take a few more months but the bulk is done. This weekend is the first weekend with nothing substantial planned and Andy is off work as well. We do have tickets for Thomas’s Day Out on Sunday. Otherwise, no other plans than organizing the garage in an attempt to inventory all of our camping gear since we’re going camping next weekend. We’re looking forward to Eli’s first camping trip and Eli seems pretty excited about it too. The site is along a river but I chose a campsite not directly on the water…as my mother pointed out, we’d be having to haul Eli out of the water every 20 seconds or so.

I came down with some sort of respiratory/general cruddy feelingness day before yesterday. I felt a little tired on Tuesday but chalked it up to a week without running. I ran four miles on trails in Carkeek Park after work on Tuesday. I usually feel pretty peppy after a run but my post-run pep lasted about 30 minutes and I was in bed asleep by 9:30 that night. I woke up Wednesday feeling really exhausted and like I had a weight on my chest–very congested but with a dry cough. Got through work and was in bed about 7 last night. Made it through 3 hours of work today and came home to go back to sleep. This is like getting sick during finals, right? Now that I finally have nothing to do, I get sick. Oh well, it’s not that bad (mild fever, if any) and at least it did wait until I could actually rest and not plow through!

The toddler bed is still a non-event. We had one roll out (of course it was the same day I decided I was being paranoid with the layer of padding alongside his bed and put all the blankets up) but that’s been it. He still waits for us to open his door before he gets out of bed in the mornings and doesn’t try to get out of bed at all. We’ve been explaining to him that a benefit of being able to get out on his own is that he can go potty if he needs to but he continues to show only the mildest of interest in potty training.

Lest you think the child is an angel, he’s been very two at daycare all week long. His weekly report was less than glowing and a lot of mentions about how he interrupts, doesn’t follow directions, acts up during meal times, and doesn’t seem to link warnings with consequences. Andy and I have noticed we have a bad habit of warning him…and warning him…and warning him AGAIN so it’s probably our fault that he doesn’t think consequences are usually all that swift. We’ve decided to stick to the “one warning then the consequence” rule unless it’s something like hitting, in which case he just gets the consequence.

Tomorrow is the start of underwear during the day for Eli. Granted, we will cover the furniture seats with towels because there’s only so much cleaning I want to do but otherwise, this kid will not move toward potty training. He doesn’t care about M&Ms anymore. I think once it becomes his only option he’ll be more into them.

I’m thinking Eli and I will make a cherry pie this weekend since they’re in season. He helped me make a strawberry cake last weekend and it was fabulous–he’s an excellent sous chef. The sooner I get over this crud the better–I can’t seem to stay awake longer than a few hours at a time–thank goodness Andy is completely awesome (and off work).

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