Potty training: Day One

8 Jul

So we’ve decided to just bite the bullet and go all out underpants, except for nighttime. Here’s the first day:

8 AM (late sleep in!) Wake up, sits on potty 10 minutes, gets off, walks into kitchen, pees on floor.

8:30 AM Andy:”Do you smell like poop? Did you poop? You pooped in your Thomas underwear!”

8:45 AM I am reading a book to Eli in my bed (I was still feeling rather cruddy this morning so I stayed in bed). He says “Uh oh!” and grabs his business. I encouraged him to run to the potty, a little made it out on the bed but not much. He sits on the potty for 10 minutes, nothing. We remind him numerous times–“Make sure your penis is pointing down! Is it tucked in? Make sure it’s tucked in!” Nevertheless, he hoses down his legs, the step stool, etc.

He is then placed on the potty about every 30-45 minutes regardless. No issues, no pee.

I went back to bed at noon, still feeling pretty gross. Eli declares his intentions to go into the backyard to “Say hi to the tomatoes” (we say hello to our plants every day). Andy is in the kitchen watching Eli as he walks about in his pj shirt and his crocs (that’s it). He notes that Eli sort of stops and grabs his butt and is pretty much doing exactly what it looks like. Eli poops on our backyard sidewalk. Andy encourages him to come inside and sit on the potty but Eli finishes his business on the walk to the back door. WE ARE CLASSY.

There was some potty time prior to nap and he napped in the buff with a few towels for protection. He woke up dry and we plopped him on the potty as soon as he woke up and after a bit, our first successful potty!

After that, a staunch denial of the need to potty followed by peeing in his high chair, then dinner, then we plopped him back on the potty about 15 minutes after eating. No dice there so we took him down and while I was playing with him, he had another accident and made a break for the potty but actually slid in his pee and wiped out on the way to the potty. Talk about pitiful! So now we’ve had our bath and he’s camped out watching Curious George on the recliner (which is covered with several towels). They say the first day is the worst. We are certainly sticking to diapers for night time. We’ll see how this goes!


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