Camping and TWO (and 1/2).

19 Jul

Camping was great. It was a really fun time. It goes without saying that camping with a two year old is A LOT OF WORK but I’m glad we got the first time out of the way because I can work on refining my A-game for attempt #2 (which hopefully will be in the next month or so). Eli loved it, he loved sleeping in the tent, he loved being out in the woods, looking at bugs, being able to “RUN AROUND!” as much as he wanted (almost), and going on a hike. I was even more glad Will decided to come with us because I totally foisted Eli off on him a time or two to take Eli on a walk so Andy and I could get a few things done around the campsite without Eli’s “help”.

I brought bubbles, crayons/paper, toy cars, and little things to occupy him. These would work for periods of time but inevitably he wanted to “help” us with things that weren’t toddler friendly (building a fire, chopping vegetables) and he had a little difficulty at first learning that we can’t just go in and out of the tent as much as we’d like because we don’t want to track in a lot of dirt and there were MOSQUITOES. This is not that unusual until you realize that we don’t really have mosquitoes in Seattle. It’s a completely foreign concept to Eli and as I found out, I seem to have happily blocked out that part of the first 26 years of my life. Thankfully, I had packed Off (I distinctly remember thinking we wouldn’t need it but thought it was good standard camping gear and threw it in anyway) so we spent two days of no showers and repeated coatings of Off. We were some good looking (shiny) people!

Will seemed to have a good time as well. He was in charge of the campfire every night and making smores. He seemed to enjoy the time out in the woods and I hope that he will go with us on future camping trips, even if he really does think he’s probably too cool for us now.

But all in all, a really fun time. He had a great time on the hike and did very well in the tent. Around 8:30 or 9 each night Eli said he was tired and wanted to go to bed and so I set him up in the tent with my phone so he could watch a little Caillou. Once that was done the first night, it was too hard for him to go to sleep with the rest of us still up so I went to bed as well. The second night, I just let him watch it until I was ready to go to bed (about 10:30) and he went right to sleep as soon as I went in there. He must have been a little nervous because he would only go to sleep holding my hand. Anytime I moved away in the night he would wake up, move me back around so he could hold my hand and then he went right back to sleep. It was pretty sweet!

Things are back to status quo around here. Andy’s pulling every OT shift he can get his hands on (hello, moving/house costs!) and he’s trying to help me out with a new treadmill. I will be doing the full marathon at the end of November and since we have no gym anymore, I really need a treadmill. Not so much now but once fall hits and it gets dark at 4 PM, I need to have a safe way to train. I’ve bounced back and forth a lot between buying new and used. Purchasing a new one will cost me more than I want to pay in order to get a treadmill that’s meant for running and not walking. However, buying used will not get me a warranty and all of that in case it breaks down. It seems like the most cost effective way in the long run would be to buy new. So Andy is picking up a few extra shifts in order to assuage my guilt over the cost (isn’t he awesome?). Between an extra shift and the birthday gift from my parents (thank you!) I should get one in the next month. It’s a big relief.


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