15 Aug

Oh poor blog. I’m sorry I neglect you. No new pictures, hardly any video since any time Eli sees I am taping him he immediately starts acting very Two.

We’re back to cold turkey potty training this weekend. The daycare has been asking about it since our last failed attempt and we’re almost out of his diapers right now so it seemed as good a time as any. Andy’s off with me the whole weekend so it’s not just me which is good. Eli and I went and bought him more underwear yesterday and he is very excited about his new Finding Nemo and Incredibles underwear. So far this morning it’s going well. I bought a bag of cheap plastic dinosaurs and he gets one for each pee/poop in the potty. He seems pretty excited about them so far (he’s earned 2). If it’s like last time, the first day will go well and tomorrow will be rough. We shall persevere!

I’m running 7 miles this morning with my running buddy who has finally recovered from the whole childbirth thing (he’s 6 months old) enough to run with me. I’ve run about 10 miles this week and did over 1,500 stairs on Thursday. I should have gone easier on the stairs because now my legs are SOOOOOORE. Hopefully they loosen up pretty quickly.

It’s hard to really say how much Eli is growing up–he knows left from right (he gets it about 75% of the time), his memory is awesome, he’s inquisitive and curious about things around him and likes knowing how things work. Every morning when I ask him if he slept well, he tells me he had nice dreams and that his dreams are always “Mommy and Eli reading books”. He’s getting better at sounding out letters, sort of pre-reading. He’s been on a bit of a bossy streak lately (“You will stop talking to me right now” or “Be quiet!”).

We’re on day 3 of potty training (this entry has taken several days)–he’s all underwear during the day except for nap and nighttime (although he is always dry after nap, we should probably nix that one). He’s pooping in the potty about 75% of the time and pretty much our house and the daycare is covered in pee. He’s definitely doing better but still having a hard time not letting loose. Now he’ll try to stop and hold it and run to the bathroom but rarely makes it because it’s not an instant thought–I have to stop peeing!–and by the time it occurs to him to stop, he’s all out. He is improving though. He is a LOT less defiant than he was last time, thank goodness.

I love my treadmill. I’ve got to do four miles tomorrow and 9 this weekend (alone, boo). Andy’s getting a run in right now and I’m really happy with it. The weather has been nice so I haven’t been using it too much but it’s definitely going to come in handy when things cool down.

Andy’s friends from Shreveport moved to Seattle a week ago and stayed with us. In one week they found an apartment, jobs and moved into their new place! Pretty impressive. They have a very adorable dog, Ramey. I have found that I am not so much a dog person anymore–especially after the very adorable dog made me very congested and sinusy–I’ve had a dull headache for the past week. Hopefully it will clear up in the next day or so now that they’ve moved out. It was nice having a dog again even if I wasn’t thrilled about the shedding factor (and this dog barely sheds). We’ve got Parents Night Out this weekend and we’re also going to Remlinger Farms for blueberry pickin’ with Eli so we can freeze a whole bunch for the winter. If they have strawberries, we’ll get those as well. It’ll be nice to have some downtime with Andy, I feel like I haven’t seen very much of him lately.

HOPEFULLY by then Eli will have the whole peeing issue down a little better or else we’ll have to put down plastic in the car for the ride to the Farm.

He likes to read books to me while he’s on the potty. It’s kind of going to a weird place with the iPhone because he now asks me to “take pictures of me” while he’s on the potty. In any case, pretty cute. I love the end when instead of “yesterday, today, and tomorrow too” he says, “Yesterday and tomorrow night” 🙂


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