It’s the P-eekend!

19 Aug

So we’re almost on a solid week of nothing but undies and it’s been a soaked week, indeed. There was never really any improvement at daycare–they have set schedules for potty (every 2 hours) unless the kid requests and Eli’s not really going to request. So I would send 3 or 4 pair of shorts every day and 5 changes of undies and every day he’d be in his last dry pair (or his swim trunks) and I’d have a big bag of laundry to do.

Today I started setting my iPhone alarm for every 30 minutes (the duck sound, he thinks it’s funny) and any time he hears the duck, it’s time to go sit on the potty. We have not had a single pee accident ALL. DAY. LONG. He has peed every single time and it isn’t taking a lot of shmoozing first, I just chant like it’s a race: 1, 2, 3….PEE!! and he does it. He’s still not doing so well at keeping things tucked in so it’s a bit messy but one thing at a time, you know? We had one flat out poop accident and another where he started but then thought better of it and called to ask me for a towel: “Mommy, can you bring me a towel?” and I noticed a small amount of evidence and whisked him to the toilet and he finished there. We’re starting to space out the amount of time between trips and he’s doing great. For some reason, he does not really feel the need to argue with the duck sound and will usually only say, “It’s the duck! Time to potty!” and if there’s any resistance, it’s token resistance. So things are going well there and we’ve had a really good (if homebound) day.

We went to the Where Ya At Matt food truck for lunch. Andy got an oyster poboy, I got a shrimp poboy and we got some crawfish bread and beignets to split. Oh MY. The poboys were mostly awesome (the bread was only the SLIGHTEST bit off but it was still great), the crawfish bread was to die for and the beignets were delicious. Eli refused to try anything except he licked all the powdered sugar off a beignet but whatever, more for us. Yes, I did eat that beignet! I have entered that area of gross parenting.

That allergy headache I had turned into a wicked tension headache. Used to get medicine for it but they stopped making it years ago and now I had no idea what to do. I called my doc and got the fill in. I saw him since I was missing work and my head was really, really hurting. After about 5 minutes he said he didn’t think it was sinuses OR a tension headache but a migraine. I didn’t really have a lot of drainage or hay fevery symptoms (but I NEVER do, I explained that) so he didn’t think it was my sinuses. I explained that I have a long allergy history and my sinuses just tend to cement up but with the neti pot and all that I usually just let it run its course without antibiotics. If the sinus headache goes on too long, it will trigger a tension headache and once those get bad I can rarely get rid of them without medication (it’s been years since one has been this bad which is how I only just found out they discontinued the med). He again said it’s just a migraine and gave me migraine med (Maxalt) and said my headache should be gone in two doses, max. And no side effects!

So I took one in front of him and within the hour felt pretty bad. It made me very drowsy, very tingly and a general ick feeling that is hard to describe. After two hours I took another one (his instructions) and felt worse. I just stayed in bed most of yesterday. The headache let up a little but not much. Once it wore off it was bad as ever.

I called today to let him know it didn’t work then he called in a prescription for Vicodin. He also told me to fill a prescription for antibiotics but I’m not going to. It’s frustrating because all I was asking for was a mild muscle relaxer to make the tension stuff stop and I just have to let the sinus stuff run its course. Vicodin? That’s kind of high powered compared to what I asked for. It doesn’t make any sense to me but it’s better than trying to get the meds changed over the weekend. The vicodin is helping my head a good bit and my sinuses will likely clear up in a few days. It’s so frustrating to feel like the doctor isn’t listening to you at all but is on his own agenda. Grrr.

In any case, I have a 9 miler on Sunday and I am going to schedule a massage for that afternoon so she can bust out these knots in my neck and shoulders. Between the vicodin and that massage, that should be the end of the tension headache. I’m still debating an allergist referral. Things have been getting steadily worse the last two years but I don’t know if I’m at that point yet.


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