Light on the horizon

22 Aug

We had a really good weekend, potty-wise. There were a few poop accidents but only two or three pee accidents the whole time! Today I about fell out when I picked him up from daycare and he was still in the same pants as when I dropped him off! Again, a poop accident but no pee accidents all day long! He was very pleased with himself and when I told him I was proud of him, he hugged me and said “I’m poud of you too Mommy”. Really cute stuff! His pee clock is now at about an hour between potty breaks and this morning he jumped straight out of bed (again, he was already awake but stayed in bed until I opened his door) and ran and used the potty without being asked.

I see a lot of potty training still in my future but I feel like we’re getting close to being over the big hump and that’s pretty nice!

Andy’s on nights all week so we are just having a lazy evening of Thomas the tank engine, grilled cheese, and homemade tomato soup. Tomorrow is 5 miles and Wednesday Eli and I have to cook a few meals to take Thursday to a friend who just had a baby.

Will is now working FT at a lab at UW assisting a scientist testing food for pathogens. It’s temporary through October but he really seems to enjoy it even if the reality of a FT job is starting to sink in. He’s certainly looking forward to his first paycheck!


One Response to “Light on the horizon”

  1. Papa August 31, 2011 at 9:54 am #

    Eli is growing up! I’m so proud of how you are handling this tough stretch in the process. Keep the pictures coming.

    If possible, get Will to give more details about his UW work experience.


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