Lack of posting brought to you by iPad

9 Sep

Potty training continues although now it’s really just sort of potty refining as opposed to training. At daycare, he usually will have one accident or so a day. After a good solid week or two of pee successes he was still very reluctant to #2 in the potty. My parents have been in town and my mom was a big help continuing the training. Now he’s doing pretty well–he still needs reminders to go regularly since once the urge hits him, he really can’t hold it very long. In the last few days, he’s started pooping on the potty pretty regularly which is great! Today he ran up to me and said, “Mommy I need to go potty!” which is also great since he’s really starting to nail down the sensation of needing to go. We’ve had countless dinners out, shopping trips, etc out of the house and in addition to peeing right before we leave and once we get there, he’s great at telling us when he needs to go (granted, a lot of “telling” us involves crossing his legs and pinching his privates) verbally. Looking back at the blog, we started all of this on August 15th so we’re just shy of a month. I’ve only had to buy diapers once in the last month! Hallelujah!

Will continues on at the job and I’ve asked him to write out a bit more info about what he’s doing. He seems to enjoy it and now he’s all of 18 years old and very grown up. We got him a bike for his birthday. He’s commuted to work a few times on it and uses it to get around as he needs and he was very happy to get it. He had offhandedly mentioned a few weeks ago that he needed a bike and I stored it away in my little brain. Really glad I remembered it and we were able to make it happen!

Eli is just shy of 3 and just so talkative. Today we were sitting in the bathroom and he said, “Mommy, I ate my marker.” I had let him color with his markers in his room for a bit so I asked what he meant. He gave me this shy little look and stuck his tongue out a little bit. It was ORANGE. I asked him for a better look and he opened wide. He colored his tongue orange with the marker…just his tongue, no marker anywhere else. He was very proud of himself and I tried very hard not to laugh but I wasn’t very successful.

We’re starting to harvest our tomatoes and it’s great. Eli really enjoys eating cherry tomatoes off the vine and we’re finding new ways to use the big ones we get. I’m definitely going to do more cherry tomato plants next year and change up the big ones I did–I’m not happy with the Champion heirloom slicer–it’s a little mealy. The San Marzanos are doing well and I’ve gotten three of that and used them to fill out a tomato sauce.

That’s all for now. I will do better with pictures and videos–I’ve really been slacking lately!


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