Hoping for consistency

5 Oct

With my posting. I’m writing this one from work (DURING LUNCH). I still haven’t gotten around to getting the keyboard dock for my iPad but I’ll do it sooner or later. I also haven’t gone through all the stuff to get my laptop functional again (I lack a specific firewire cable that was misplaced in the move) so I’ll just see if I can manage to update weekly from work.

Night before last Andy, Eli, and I went out to eat at a new sushi place. On the way there, Eli commented a few times that he was tired. We got there and Eli and I settled into a booth. Since he was a bit past his usual dinner time, I offered him some goldfish and he declined. Once it looked like the service might be a bit slow, I offered him one of his fruit snacks (little fruit flavored gummies, they’re tasty) and he declined. At this point I knew there was Something Wrong as this is akin to Eli refusing a cereal bar. I told Andy, “I don’t think he feels good, I think he’s going to get…” and then UUUURRRP from Eli and he threw up. Thank goodness it was a pretty small one and he mostly got himself. Andy whisked him outside and then the big one hit. I used half a pack of diaper wipes to clean up any trace of what had just happened and we high tailed it out of there. Thank goodness that had happened when we first got there and we hadn’t actually ordered or gotten drinks yet.

Andy has to give notification of sick leave at the start of the shift prior to his–about 12-14 hours notice. It’s really a pain of a policy because there’s no room for “I woke up sick” or “My kid just threw up but he also might be totally fine in the morning” sorts of occurrences. Since I called out the last two times, he was up. He went ahead and called in since Eli seemed to feel so poorly. Eli said “I am not feeling very well” several times on the way home which is about the saddest and cutest thing ever. We got home, cleaned Eli up and in warm PJs and settled into the chair to watch some TV. We were waiting for the inevitable round #2 of vomit or the fever to kick in.

After about 15 minutes, Eli asked for some goldfish. And chocolate milk. And where did his fruit snacks go? Oh, can Eli watch Wonder Pets? Let’s read a book! Eli’s hungry.

TOTALLY FINE. *sigh* So Andy was off yesterday with a totally not-sick kid. They decided to make the most of it and went to the aquarium. Eli had a great time and a fun day with his dad.

I have the 12K this Sunday. I see in my last entry that I thought it was an 8K but it’s a 12. That made me pause a little because I really have not been running a lot but I figured what the hey and went ahead and entered it. I know I can run it without a problem but it probably won’t be a fast one. Good exercise.

Will was switched to the 3-11:30 PM shift at work and he’s about the happiest ever. As he says, it’s a perfect schedule for him since he gets to sleep in. I tried to explain that it’s not really sleeping in but he tends to night owl patterns anyway so it works. He spends most of his time practicing trumpet for the Youth Symphony or doing who knows what on his computer. We don’t really see that much of him.

How do you get kids to keep their covers on? It’s getting cold at night and Eli’s room stays on the cool side since it’s a corner room. He sleeps in flannel pjs and socks but he’s always a bit cool when I get him up in the mornings although he hasn’t complained. His covers (a few blankets) are usually nowhere near him. Shall I just layer him up or is there some secret to keeping blankets on a kid at night?


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