Creeped out

7 Oct

So I’ve put a lot of privacy filters on my Flickr account. Nothing really happened, I got a random “blah blah added you as a contact!” email from Flickr. I couldn’t remember anyone with that name (not unusual for me) so I checked out his page before I approved the add.

People are pretty sick, y’all. Not surprising but it really struck home that there are some pretty weird folks out there and I really didn’t want those people looking at pictures of my kid (I should point out that this person’s page was run of the mill obscene and IN NO WAY having to do with/directed at children). It also probably was some sort of mass spam email or something like that but still. Ew.

If you have problems looking at the flickr page, email me. I don’t think there is a sign in but I have it approved for contacts/friends/family so you might need some sort of password or something to view and print photos from it. Sad that I need to block it in the first place.

In other news, it finally happened. Eli fell into the toilet. Poor little guy was wedged in there like a cork waiting to pop. We’ve been warning him of the potential for that since he decided he likes to sit on the toilet without his potty seat but he didn’t care. Hopefully this will not start some sort of Potty Trauma but he seems okay. I unwedged him, let him cry a bit and now he’s running around as usual. I should get an award for not cracking up at the sight of him stuck in it. It was hilarious (but also sad).


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