Guessing game

16 Oct

Right now I am sitting with a bundled up Eli playing a game of “Is he coming down with something?” He’s been a little tired all morning and a bit whiny. I don’t think he has a fever but he’s been content to lie down most of the morning and he hasn’t eaten at all so something is up. If he has to feel bad, he picked a good day for it. We had a busy weekend of housework, errands, and a birthday party for one of his friends.

Last night after Eli went to bed, Andy and I snuck out to sushi with some friends. We got home about 11:45 and I went to cover up Eli. He was in bed but his light was on (although dimmed) and his trucks were in the middle of his room–they were all put away when I put him down. I asked him how his light was turned on and He told a long story about how Teddy fell out of bed twice. I then asked if he turned it on to find him and he said he didn’t turn it on. He agreed it was off when I put him in bed but didn’t really seem to come up with anything re: how it got on. I asked how his trucks came to be in the middle of the room and he then started trying to change the subject by wooing me: “Mommy, I want a hug. Mommy, I love you.” What a stinker!

Aaaaand the fever has started. Almost 100 now, not too bad yet. Poor little man. Looks like most of today will be spent in the chair watching movies. I can’t say as I’m too disappointed about that!

Yesterday Eli and I worked on the front porch for Halloween. We made Halloween luminaries a few weeks ago and carved pumpkins. Yesterday we put up that spider web stuff and Andy going to switch out the porch lights for red and black lights in a day or so. I’ll e sure to get a picture of it when it’s finished!

Will bought himself a plane ticket and he’s going to Dallas in November to audition for the Blue Devils. He’s pretty excited about it and with all of his practice probably has a good shot of getting in this year. Last year they gave him several areas to work on after his audition so I imagine he’s been focusing on those. I think he’s meeting up with his mom there but I don’t really know any details.

I think it’s time to do some cuddling on the baby. He looks miserable. Hopefully this doesn’t get too bad.

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